Standard Chartered Bank Singapore SWIFT Code

SWIFT code or BIC code offers information about the particular bank where your funds are supposed to be transferred. Providing the right code will help you to make or receive the funds properly and correctly.

Nearly all bank institutions in the world are assigned with unique SWIFT code, which can be used by individuals and business to verify details about the banks and prevent mistakes when performing global money transfer.

The unique bank identifier code for Standard Chartered Bank Singapore is SCBLSG22 or SCBLSG22XXX.  The Standard Chartered Bank Singapore SWIFT code can be broken down into several identifying parts. SCBL as the first 4 letters is the code for Standard Chartered Bank as the banking institution.

SG as the next 2 letters is the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code for Singapore. 22 as the following 2 letters is the location code, the 2 character represents SWIFT reverse billing, in which the funds recipient is the party that pays form the transfer fee instead of the sender as it typically does.

When you give SCBLSG22 code, then it is assumed that you send the money to the bank’s head office, otherwise you should give the specific bank’s code as well. The list below offers information about the SWIFT codes of Standard Chartered Bank Singapore.

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Detailed information about SWIFT Code SCBLSG22
Swift code (8 characters)SCBLSG22
Branch nameStandard Chartered Bank (Singapore) Limited
Branch address8 Marina Boulevard, #27-01
Marina Bay Financial Centre 1
Singapore, 018981
Branch codeXXX
Bank nameStandard Chartered Bank (Singapore) Limited
SWIFT Code SCBLSG22 Breakdown
Bank CodeSCBL - code assigned to Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore) Limited
Country CodeSG - code belongs to Singapore
Location CodeSG - code represents the institution location
Code Status22 - 22 means active code
Branch Codenot assigned or XXX - code indicates this is a head office
Bank Code9496