How to DeRegister PayNow in Standard Chartered

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If you have asked about how to deregister PayNow in Standard Chartered, you can find the information below. Register is one thing and deleting PayNow from your account is another.

It is called deregister and you need to make sure that you know how to do it properly.

There are some steps to follow below. Also, you need to make sure that you know when to do deregistration and what happens if you do not do it. The full information about it will be shown below for you to read.

Using Online Banking

  1. Visit the Standard Chartered online banking website.
  2. There will be a page to login. Login to your online banking account. Enter your username then followed by your password. After that, click on Login option down the boxes.
  3. Now that you are on banking account, select the options Accounts.
  4. There will be several account types to display including PayNow. Click this option or click the little down arrow next to it to reveal some dropdown options.
  5. Click on the second option or the Manage PayNow Registration option.
  6. To delete your PayNow account, click on the Delete icon. This icon is illustrated by a little trashcan icon. You can find these icons underneath the option Action.
  7. Once clicked, there will be a confirmation and warning page. Review the options and make sure that you are 100% certain of deleting the account.
  8. Now that you are done, click the option Confirm.

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When You Need to DeRegister PayNow?

You are Moving to Another Participating Bank

PayNow is supported by major banks in Singapore. Beside Standard Chartered, other banks like UOB and Maybank can also let their customers using PayNow.

However, you can only stick with one bank. So, if your PayNow is now with Standard Chartered and you want to move to UOB, say for example, you need to deregister.

You are Closing All Your Accounts

PayNow is related to your account. If your account is going to be closed, you need to deregister PayNow beforehand.

Make sure that this is done before you close all the account of yours to avoid any complications in the future

What Happens If You Don’t DeRegister PayNow Before Changing Banks?

So, what happens if you do not deregister your PayNow with Standard Chartered and still moving to other banks? First of all, the bank will contact mobile phone.

Then, the bank will send you an email containing the notification that you will have to close the PayNow. If you ignore the emails and calls for 3 days straight, the bank will automatically deregister PayNow.

Well, for you who have been looking for the right ways to delete PayNow, you can do it very easily by following the steps above.

It shows you the most convenient way to make sure that your Standard Chartered account will now be deactivated properly. Learn about how to deregister PayNow in Standard Chartered properly based on the information above.