How to Request OCBC Credit Card Annual Fee Waiver

If you happen to be a credit card user, you must have thought how much better it will be if the annual fee (and other fees, if possible) is waived.

Lucky you, OCBC credit card made it possible for you to request for annual fee waiver which are most likely to be over S$100.

For some, that amount is surely worthy, maybe you also think so. If you feel the annual fee waiver is a must-try request, try reading this article of how to request OCBC credit card annual fee waiver.

What is Fee Waiver?

In terms of credit card use, fee waiver is a term to express just like its meaning to waive the fee. As mentioned earlier, the annual fee for credit card user may be a bit overwhelming for some as the amount can be used to other crucial needs. For some, the annual charged fee is something that hurts their wallets.

Luckily, OCBC as one of the credit card providers offers you to request for annual fee waiver. If you are qualified of getting an approval, your annual fee will be dismissed.

The vice versa may also happen too, and the reason usually lies in the amount you’ve spent with your credit card in annual basis doesn’t suffice the minimum spending.

According to a source, it is said that OCBC takes different minimum amount spent for that account to be subject to annual fee waiver.

The amount of minimum spent amount differs depending on which credit card type you are using.

How Much You Should Spend in Order to be Granted Fee Waiver

Requesting for annual fee waiver can be done without any limits. But there must be a lower chance of succeeding if the bank doesn’t think you are eligible for the waiver.

Hence, you should know the minimum annual spending of your credit card account. this number ranges between S$1,200 to S$10,000.

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How to Request OCBC Annual Fee Waiver

Now let’s get back to the topic: how to request OCBC credit card annual fee waiver. If you want yourself to be freed from a bit ‘suffocating’ annual fee, then you can do these procedures below:

Through mobile banking app

  1. First, make sure you are logged into your account. Enter your access code and PIN then log in to your account.
  2. Find the menu bar on the top-left screen. Tap on it then choose Card services.
  3. You will soon find a menu written as Request fee waiver. Tap on it to proceed.
  4. Pick any of your credit cards which you want its annual fee to be discarded.
  5. Submit your request afterwards.

Through internet banking

Requesting for the fee waiver through the internet banking is pretty similar as requesting via mobile banking.

  1. Again, you must be logged into the system by typing your access code and PIN.
  2. Click Customer service tab, then on the drop-down menu, choose Credit card fee waiver which is placed under Cards submenu.
  3. Choose your cards. Pick one from the drop-down menu.
  4. Following that, click Next to finalize and submit your request.

So, that is how to request OCBC credit card annual fee waiver. After you do all of the aforementioned procedures above, you will be notified shortly whether your request is approved or not. Good luck with your request!