How to Edit PayNow in Standard Chartered

Many people have asked about how to edit PayNow in Standard Chartered. PayNow is such a helpful feature from the banks, and several other banks, as it allows the user to send funds incognito and very easily, too.

Well, for those who have no idea how to register, edit or use the PayNow feature from Standard Chartered, there are several explanations here, particularly on the how to edit one. You can learn more about it by reading the information below.

Edit PayNow in Standard Chartered Using Online Banking

  1. Open the online banking site of Standard Chartered.
  2. Sign in to your online banking account by typing in your username and your password. Then click the green Login button underneath.
  3. Open your profile and then click Accounts.
  4. Next, there will be some options. Select and click on the option PayNow on the right side of the screen.
  5. A dropdown menu will appear, click the bottom option Manage PayNow Registration.
  6. Click on the edit icon. The icon is a pencil icon behind the option Action.
  7. Edit the profile as needed. You can edit the account number, mobile number, display name and many more.
  8. Once done, click the option Next.

Edit PayNow in Standard Chartered Via Email

  1. Visit the website and then download the PayNow Registration Form. The form is in the format of PDF. Make sure your computer supports this format.
  2. Print the form and then fill in the registration form carefully and sign the registration form off.
  3. Scan the form and then email the PDF scanned file to
  4. The process will take approximately five working days. You will receive notification once the registration is done and successful.

PayNow in Standard Chartered Benefits

The Fast Payment

There is no need to wait hours to receive cash or send cash. With PayNow, any types of cash flow can be enjoyed very instantly.

Sending funds and receiving funds are just one click away on your mobile phone. It is very helpful and needed by those who have high mobility and can’t deal with complicated process of fund-transfer.

The Reduced Paperwork

Registering to PayNow is very easy and convenient. It is seamless as you do not need complicated paperwork to activate the feature and start enjoying the benefits of having PayNow on your phone. The registration can be done by sending emails or by internet banking.

More Secured

If you want to transfer funds to anyone without revealing any of your identity, you can do that now. PayNow allows you to make transfers in incognito. Nothing about you will get revealed, including the account number and not even your initials.

Those are some of the most important explanations that you need to know about the PayNow feature from Standard Chartered. Make sure that you know everything about the feature as it will help you use the PayNow to its fullest experience.

After reading the information, you won’t wonder about how to edit PayNow in Standard Chartered anymore.