Standard Chartered Fixed Deposit

Standard Chartered Fixed Deposit is going to be a source of great fund for you. When you have spare money, you should try opening a new deposit account because you will surely get a lot of profits from that. To open the most beneficial deposit account, surely Standard Chartered can help you with that.

The bank has a lot of options when it comes to tenure and interest rate as well. You just have to make sure that you know the features of the account and how to open them. Everything you need to know is shown below for you to read.

Standard Chartered Fixed Deposit Brief Information

Minimum Deposit

To open a new deposit account, you should enter the minimum initial deposit amount to the account. The amount of money to store is SGD 5,000.


There are 1-60 months of tenure option in Standard Chartered. However, it is suggestible for you to choose the 3-month fixed deposit tenure so that you can earn the interest rate of 0.5% p.a.

Deposit Range (% p.a)Below $20,000$20,000- $49,999$50,000- $99,999$100,000- $499,999$500,000 and above
1 mth0.
3 mths0.
6 mths0.
9 mths0.
12 mths0.550.550.550.550.55
15 mths0.
18 mths0.
24 mths0.
36 mths0.720.720.720.720.72
48 mths0.850.850.850.850.85
60 mths0.950.950.950.950.95

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How to Open Standard Chartered Fixed Deposit

  1. Open Standard Chartered Online Banking website. Login to your account by typing in your username and password. Click Login.
  2. There will be several options on the home page display. Find the option Apply and then click it.
  3. Once clicked, several other options will appear. Select the option Time Deposit Account.
  4. An application form will appear on the screen. Fill up the form carefully, including on the tenure section.
  5. When you are done, review the form and the click Submit.
  6. To check whether or not the new account has been established, select Account Summary on your account.

For renew your Time Deposit online 

Once funds from your matured Time Deposit is available in your deposit account:

  1. Login to Online Banking
  2. Click Apply
  3. Select Time Deposit Account to submit your request.

Standard Chartered Fixed Deposit Eligibility

Age Requirements

Those who are eligible to open the fixed deposit account in Standard Chartered should be at least 18 years old. They can be Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident.

Foreigners are eligible as well to open or maintain the deposit account, with a bit more document requirements at the beginning.

Mandatory Documents (For Singapore Citizen)

If you are a Singapore Citizen or permanent resident there, you do not need any document to open the account via online application.

However, if you open the account by coming directly to the branch, you will be required to provide the National Registration Identity Card (NRIC) and bring a copy of it (front and back).

Mandatory Documents (For Foreigners)

For foreigners, they will have to provide their ID card as well. Besides of that, they will have to provide their passport, employment pass, bank statement (the last 3 months), bills information (utility, phone, etc.), a letter stating employment from current employers/ human resources, address confirmation document (from the government) and tenancy agreement letter.

Those are the things you need to know about the deposit account. If you feel certain about it, simply open the Standard Chartered Fixed Deposit via online banking right now as it is very easy to do by everyone in general.