How Much Can Withdraw From UOB

When it comes to withdrawing money, do you ever feel bothered by some random thoughts? For example, questioning yourself with how much can withdraw from UOB? Now that you have read that question, it is interesting to know how much money can be obtained from the bank.

Answering it is very simple as well if you are neglecting some factors that may contribute the amount. You can get as much money from the bank, yet it is in the form of loan and you will have to pay it off before its due. Not to forget, you’ll have to pay its interest as well.

How Much Can Withdraw From UOB

The real answer starts here: the amount of money you can withdraw from UOB is limited by the number set by your account. By default, the number each ATM can provide is S$20,000. This number is set to supersede the daily amount can be withdrawn by account holders.

So, how much can withdraw from UOB?  In case you are wondering how much can be withdrawn from your UOB account per day, the answer really depends as you can set it yourself. In general, it starts low as in S$1,000.

Per account, the maximum daily withdrawal limit can be set up to S$10,000. This withdrawal maximum amount is typically questioned upon your account opening.

However, if you have set the number quite low and you need to shift it to a larger number, changing it using the ATM machine or filling out a certain form available in any UOB branch will help to increase the limit.

For some people, using S$1,000 as the maximum daily withdrawal limit can be troublesome, especially if they are transacting quite a lot.

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How to Increase Withdrawal Limit using ATM

It is way easier to do as you don’t need to go to the nearest UOB branch. Just set the withdrawal limit from the nearest UOB ATM by doing this procedure below:

  1. Insert your UOB Card to the provided slot.How Much Can Withdraw From UOB Online
  2. Find Services menu, and choose it afterwards.
  3. Under the menu of Change Limits.How Much Can Withdraw From UOB Online Payee
  4. Choose ATM withdrawal limit. Continue by clicking the desired withdrawal limit.
  5. Confirm the change.How Much Can Withdraw From UOB Online Payment

Change Withdrawal Limit via UOB Branch

As mentioned earlier, you can as well change the withdrawal limit with the help of the customer service officer. It is true that you can get this assurance feeling as the change is handled by the professional; however, you cannot get the change applied directly.

To change your withdrawal limit, first, you will need to fill in a certain form. After that, the officer will process your request. It is unfortunate that the effect will not take effect as soon as the officer processes your request. Therefore, if you are in such hurry, it’s better to skip this way and choose the other method.

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To sum up the answer for how much can withdraw from UOB question, the answer is depending on the settings for your account. It varies from the lowest one: S$1,000, yet it’s changeable up to S$10,000. Keep in mind the credit left on your account plays a big role as well.

Although you set the limit to S$10,000, if your account does not have amount larger than that, you won’t be able to withdraw.