UCO Bank Singapore SWIFT Code

New to international fund transfer? If this is a new world for you, there may be some terms that you haven’t heard before. One...
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HSBC Bank Singapore SWIFT Code

Telegraphic transfer is a convenient and practical solution to transfer money to someone else in different country with an account under different banking company....
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ICICI Bank Singapore SWIFT Code

Wire transfer service of ICICI bank is amongst the most practical and easiest way to send money to or receive funds to ICICI banking...
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Indian Overseas Bank Singapore SWIFT Code

There are multiple ways you can remit money to individuals or businesses that have Indian Overseas Bank account. These include web-based transfer, electronic transfer,...
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RHB Bank Singapore SWIFT Code

Apart from knowing the correct account number and the name of the account owner where you plan to transfer the money, it is also...
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ICBC Singapore SWIFT Code

Suppose you are planning to transfer some money to your parents’ ICBC bank account in Singapore. In that case, it’s essential for you to...
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State Bank of India Singapore SWIFT Code

Plan to send money to your friend’s State Bank of India account number in Singapore but have no idea the details you must prepare?...
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UBS Bank Singapore SWIFT Code

Everyone dealing with international remittance and transfer must have known that there is a certain code to use, namely SWIFT code. Why is this...
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The Islamic Bank of Asia Singapore SWIFT Code

A SWIFT code is an 8-11-digit code that is internationally accepted for ensuring the validity of a certain payee. To be simply put, the...
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