Standard Chartered SG Branch Code

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Sometimes you need to complete a transaction that requires a bank’s branch code. But you don’t know what code it is. Fortunately, finding a branch code isn’t difficult at all.

If you need to know Standard Chartered bank, this article will show you how to check Standard Chartered SG branch code as well as some other related information.

Understanding What Branch Code is

A branch code is two or three number sequences that express where you bank account is made. Along with bank code, these codes are usually required for local interbank transaction.

However, it turns out that banks do not only have these codes. There are many other codes that have their own use. To mention some, BIC or often called as SWIFT code. This code is issued by SWIFT – Society of World Interbank Financial Transaction, hence this code is approved and can be used internationally.

Unlike SWIFT code, bank and branch codes are defined and regulated by the central bank. Meaning that in Singapore, these bank and branch codes are set by the Central Bank of Singapore. Plus, these codes are used mainly for local interbank transactions, as mentioned earlier.

Standard Chartered Singapore Branch Code

Aside from being a bank identifier, a branch code is often ‘tied’ with the bank code. You may not require branch code in most transactions, but if you need it not knowing how to fill it may be a little bit frustrating.

If you need to know Standard Chartered branch code for a certain transaction, actually you can know it without finding it online or directly asking the bank. The answer simply lies in the bank account number itself.

This is how to check Standard Chartered SG branch code.

  1. You only need to pay a full attention to the account number itself. In general, a Singapore Standard Chartered account number has a 11-digit number sequence with 0 (zero) as its starter. For example: 03298765432.
  2. The branch code is the “0”, and the first two-digit of aforementioned account number. It means from account number 03298765432, the branch code is “032”. Dismissing the zero, the truly account number is made by combining the branch code and eight-digit number sequence.
  3. Aside from knowing the branch code, you may need information about bank code. The bank code of Standard Chartered Singapore is “7144” for both corporate and personal account.

Standard Chartered Branch Code List

Standard Chartered bank code is 9496

Standard Chartered SWIFT Code: SCBLSG22

Standard Chartered Branch CodeStandard Chartered Branch Name
1Battery Road (001)
2Robinson Road (002)
3Scotts Mall
4Tampines Central (004)
5Upper Thomson (005)
6Upper Thomson (006)
7Bukit Timah
8Anchorpoint (008)
9Marine Parade (009)
11South Bridge Road
12Serangoon Garden
14Anchorpoint (014)
15Selegie (015)
16Robinson Road
17Anchorpoint (017)
20City Plaza
24Holland Village
25Direct Banking
28Item Processing
40Marine Parade
41Jurong East
42Tampines Central
52Upper Thomson
54Toa Payoh
56Suntec PB Centre
59ION Orchard
60Sixth Avenue
61NEX Serangoon
62Marina Bay
63Clementi Mall
64Plaza Singapura
65Mandarin Gallery Banking Centre
66Jurong Point Bank @ Post

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Why These Codes Matter

Aside from being a bank identifier, both bank and branch codes serve as something ‘securing’. This means by giving out these codes during a transaction, the bank will make sure that they are going to transfer the funds to the right bank. Back then, the system even required the bank’s name. Nowadays, we don’t have to input that number anymore since the codes must have been publicized and known nationwide.

That sums up some information about how to check Standard Chartered SG branch code. Actually, the branch code is attached in most of all bank account numbers, so you need to know where they put this sequence of numbers.