How to Cancel UOB Credit Card

You can be so in love with your credit card as it allows you to spend money as long as it doesn’t pass the limit.

However, this takes a toll in your spending habit you become an overly spending person despite there’s no increase in your monthly paycheck.

So, you might have considered canceling your credit card for a healthier wallet.

Regarding Credit Card Cancellation

Regarding credit card cancellation, you can actually get various benefits from it. The list of benefits is written as follows:

  1. If there is annual fee attached to it despite no transaction is recorded, it’s better to ditch it off.
  2. Your credit score will be improved the more credit cards you own, chances of it lowering your credit card is bigger.
  3. If you reapply to a Credit Card after some months of interval, you will be considered as a New Credit Card User hence various new user benefits will be offered. Note that each bank has different interval time in terms of re-application.

For example, if you are a UOB credit card user, you will need to get six consecutive months before being considered as a new UOB credit card user. Otherwise, you’ll still be called as existing user.

This six-month interval is what may be different to, let’s say, Citibank credit card users.

How to cancel UOB credit card? The question can be easily answered by performing any of these two methods:

1. Going to the nearest bank branch to cancel your credit card.

If you decide to do this method, it means you need to bring your credit card as well as personal identification card. After that, you will be guided through a procedure to cancel your credit card.

2. Calling the customer service

Another method of how to cancel UOB credit card is by calling their 24-hour hotline, which is accessible at 1800 222 2121.

Remember that this number will be accessible if you’re in Singapore. If you’re currently in another country, simply call +65 6222 2121.

Then tell your intention to cancel your credit card. You’ll be then connected to a customer service officer.

How to Cancel Your Credit Card Account

What will you need to do after you cancel your credit card account? The answers are as following:

  • You will usually be required to cut the card into smaller pieces. If the bank requests, you then need to return it. If the bank doesn’t ask you to return the card, disposing it immediately is what it requires.
  • Any payment methods linked to that card must be deleted. This said, you will have to delete the card number from your mobile wallet, marketplaces, and literally in any places where you input the card information.
  • Lastly, pay any charges/fees which is charged into your account. This can be done before the cancellation as well.

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Cancel UOB Credit Card via Mighty App

  1. Login into UOB Mighty app and tap on Accounts.How to Cancel UOB Credit Card
  2. Next, tap on your credit or debit card that you wish to cancel.How to Cancel UOB Credit Card Online
  3. Tap on Cancel Card to proceed.How to Cancel UOB Credit Card Online Banking
  4. Tap on Reason For Cancellation to select the reason from the dropdown list.How to Cancel UOB Credit Card Online Banking Payment
  5. Tap on Next to proceed.How to Cancel UOB Credit Card Online Banking Payee
  6. Review the details and swipe right to confirm.How to Cancel UOB Credit Card Online Payment Banking
  7. Your card cancellation request is completed.How to Cancel UOB Credit Card Banking Payee Online
  8. You will not be able to use your card after you have submitted your cancellation request. Do remember to pay any outstanding bills.How to Cancel UOB Credit Card Banking Online Payee

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To sum up, in order to cancel your UOB credit card, there are two different methods.

First, you can directly visit the nearest branch to apply for credit card cancellation.

If you don’t have time to do so, calling the customer service on the number mentioned above should do the trick.