How to Add Payee In UOB

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Payee is a term used to refer to individual or organizations that receive funds from a certain payer. It can be in the form of cash, electronic funds transfer, or check.

It is a common term to be used and found on banking industry activities. Now, if you are an account holder of UOB banking account, the bank allows you to create convenient payee list to set up faster transfer via digital banking.

By creating a payee list, you can save your favorite or frequent transactions, including funds transfer, bill payments, and mobile cash.

You only need the payee’s name and his/her account number to add to the list. This feature is available on UOB internet banking and mobile banking services.

How to Add Payee In UOB

UOB internet banking service is an online platform provided for the customers of UOB Bank. The purpose is to serve secure banking services via internet.

This service allows you to access the bank account and perform various banking transactions from anywhere and anytime as long as you are connected to the internet. It is such a handy way to handle your finances.

1. Add Payee In UOB Mighty App

Below are the steps on how to add payee in UOB mobile banking app:

  1. Login onto Mighty and tap on Pay/Transfer.How To Add Payee In UOB Mobile Bank Online Payee
  2. Tap on Add Payee or Biller.How To Add Payee In UOB Mobile Bank Online Pay
  3. Select the Payee tab. Tap on Type to select the type of payee you are adding.How To Add Payee In UOB Mobile Bank Online Payment
  4. For bank account selection, tap on Bank and select from a list of available banks.How To Add Payee In UOB Mobile Bank Online Paye
  5. Enter account details and Payee name. Payee’s name will be shown on your Payee’s list.How To Add Payee In UOB Mobile Bank Online
  6. Check details entered and swipe bar to confirm.How To Add Payee In UOB Mobile Online Banking
  7. As an added layer of security, you will be required to enter your Mighty Secure Code.
  8. Payee has been successfully added.

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2. Add Payee In UOB Personal Internet Banking

Below are the steps on how to add payee in UOB internet banking:

  1. Log in to UOB Personal Internet Banking
  2. Select Pay and Transfer > Funds Transfer. Click on the + icon to add new payee.
  3. Enter the payee details and click Submit.
  4. Complete the onscreen instructions for transaction signing. You’d need your SecurePlus Token to do this.
  5. You have now successfully added a Payee.

The benefit of making payee list is that you are able to save effort and time to re-input the payee information each time you need to transfer funds to them.

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The UOB digital banking services enable to you create and maintain the list for the payees you made transaction to on frequent basis.

Once you have included the payee on your list, you only need to select the name when you want to carry transfer activity.

On the other hand, if you want any payee to no longer being included on the list, you can delete them easily.