How to Pay Tax via POSB/DBS

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As we know, all the money we have paid in the taxes goes to many areas. Your tax money helps fund public services, such as firefighters and police, as well as the payment of government employees. Tax money aims to guarantee the roads on which you travel are well-maintained and always safe.

Nowadays, paying taxes can be done in the comfort of your couch. If you have internet banking account for POSB/DBS, paying taxes is able to be conducted in a matter of time. To know how to pay tax via POSB/DBS, read the following tutorial.

Pay Tax through POSB/DBS Internet Banking

  1. First off, log in to your POSB/DBS iBanking account.
  2. Next, click on Pay and select the More Payment Services option.
  3. In the Manage Payments & GIRO drop-down menu, click on Add Billing Organization.
  4. Key in the One-time password that you received on your registered mobile phone number.
  5. Fill in the Billing Organization form:
  • Billing Organization > select the IRAS-Income TAX (TAX Reference Number).
  • Bill Reference > Key in your Tax Reference Number (FIN or NRIC number).
  • Account > Select the account where you would like to pay the tax from and click Next.
  1. Confirm the details you provide are correct and select Submit.
  2. Click on Pay and select Pay Bills.
  3. Now, on the Pay Bills page:
    • Click on Payment Option and select the Billing Organization in my pre-arranged list option.
    • Choose the Pre-arranged Billing Organization option.
    • Select the IRAS-Income TAX (TAX Reference Number), enter the Payment Amount, and enter the Payment Date.
    • Click on Next.
    • Confirm all the payment details you have provided are correct and click on Submit.

Paying through POSB/DBS GIRO Arrangements

You already know how to pay tax via POSB/DBS, but do you know that paying tax through GIRO arrangements doesn’t require you to do anything? The only thing you need to is to apply for a GIRO payment arrangement, and your taxes will be automatically paid off. There are three different methods you can do to register for GIRO:

  • Through myTax Portal: This GIRO application can be used for both Property and Individual Income Tax.
  • Through digibank only: You can apply for GIRO arrangement to IRAS by using your internet banking account.
  • Through AXS: You simply need to locate the nearest AXS machine to register for GIRO so that you can manage your tax with no hassle.

Here is how to set up a GIRO arrangement for hassle-free tax payment:

  1. Log in to your POSB/DBS digibank account.
  2. Click on Pay and select Add GIRO arrangement.
  3. Key in your 6-digit one-time password sent to your mobile number.
  4. Select the Billing Organization. In this case, choose IRAS for automatic tax payment.
  5. Enter the amount of payment and account you want to make a tax payment from.
  6. Click on Next, confirm the transaction details, and follow the authentication instructions.
  7. Select Submit.

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