How to Activate DBS/POSB Card for Overseas Withdrawal

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Traveling or working abroad? Then you should have your bank card ready. It may cause you some questions about how to use your debit or ATM card while you are overseas, right? In order to be able to use your POSB/DBS card for overseas use, turns out you must activate it before going there.

What procedure should you take and how to activate DBS/POSB card for overseas withdrawal? This article below will help you to find the answer of those questions.

A Glimpse about Overseas Withdrawal

Withdrawing money locally is different than withdrawing money in other country. If you want to withdraw some money abroad, you need to activate your card first before going abroad to enable withdrawal using ATM located outside Singapore. When you come back to Singapore, you will also need to disable the overseas withdrawal feature.

For this case, there are many methods that you can use. It ranges from SMS banking, using mobile banking app, and using internet banking.

Aside from that, direct activation via POSB/DBS ATM in Singapore can be done as well.

Steps to Activate Your DBS/POSB Card for Overseas Withdrawal

The procedure of how to activate DBS/POSB card for overseas withdrawal will be explained below.

  1. Using SMS Banking (send your SMS to 77767)
  2. Type Enable<space>Overseas<space>(4 last digits of your card) a for enabling overseas withdrawal without end date.
  3. Type similarly like the aforementioned format, with an addition of (space) start date (space) end date a for activating overseas withdrawal with start and end date. The date format should be inputted with the format DDMMYYYY.

For example, if you want to enable overseas withdrawal from March 31st 2021 to April 6th 2021, then the dates should be written as 31032021 and 06042021.

Enable - with no end dateSMS to 77767 in this format:

Enable overseas Last 4 digits of Card

e.g. Enable overseas 4378
Enable - with end date SMS to 77767 in this format:

Enable overseas Last 4 digits of Card start date end date

e.g. Enable overseas 4378 25062021 30092021

Date format is in DDMMYYYY
DisableSMS to 77767 in this format:

Disable overseas Last 4 digits of Card

e.g. Disable overseas 4378

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Activate DBS/POSB Card for Overseas Using Internet Banking

If you have activated your internet banking feature, then you can send an overseas withdrawal activation request by doing:

  1. Launch the internet banking portal and simply login afterwards. Plus, finish the authorization process when prompted.
  2. Choose Card account from the shown card selection list.
  3. Change the overseas function of your Magnetic Stripe of the Card according to your preference.
  4. Once you are sure about the amendment, finalize your action by clicking Submit and followed by Confirm.

Activate DBS/POSB Card for Overseas Using Mobile App

Make sure you have downloaded the POSB/ DBS mobile banking app. Plus, ensure that you are already registered as POSB/DBS digibank Mobile user.

If you have already registered yourself as one of the users of mobile banking, proceed on doing these steps:

  1. Just like other kinds of transaction using mobile banking app, log in using your digibank User ID & PIN. Or, use Touch/Face ID which is already validated by the system.
  2. Pick More. Then, under the Manage Cards & Loans menu, choose Enable/disable overseas use.
  3. Choose any card whose overseas use function you want to activate.
  4. Then, simply toggle the Allow Overseas Use button that will alter the card’s function when used overseas. Simply click Next.
  5. Review your change and tap Activate/Deactivate.

Activate DBS/POSB Card for Overseas Using ATM

  1. Insert your DBS Debit Card and PIN.
  2. Select More Services.
  3. Select Card’s Magnetic Stripe for Overseas Use.
  4. Select Continue.
  5. Amend status of the overseas function of your Card’s magnetic stripe to your preference.
  6. Follow instructions on the ATM screen to complete Submission.

That sums up how to activate DBS/POSB card for overseas withdrawal. It’s important to note that you only need to choose any of the aforementioned options, not doing all at once.