How to Change DBS Phone Number

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Phone number is an essential point to provide in banking system and this applies for almost all banks in the world. Just like address, it is basic information to provide if you want to use various bank services.

But sometimes you will need to change your number for some reasons. More often than not, phone number is changeable. Made specific to DBS account holder, this article will show how to change DBS phone number.

Methods of Changing DBS Phone Number

There are various ways you can take in order to change your phone number in your DBS database. These methods are as follows:

  • Digibank online
  • Digibank mobile, and
  • through Video Teller Machine (VTM)

Change DBS Phone Number Online Banking

Digibank Online is an integrated online banking system that enables account holders to access through their bank account through the DBS’ website. How to change DBS phone number using this method?

  1. Visit at
  2. You must be logged in first by entering your User ID and PIN.
  3. Under the human icon, pick Update Personal and Contact Details.
  4. Proceed by entering in your six-digit internet banking secure PIN.
  5. Next, enter your phone number. Make sure you put it in correctly by defining that your mobile is local/overseas.
    1. For local numbers,
      • Input your Mobile Numbers,
      • Provide authorization, then click Next
      • Proceed with authentication process and click Submit to proceed.
    2. For overseas number,
      • The steps are similar, but don’t forget to enter the country and area code.
      • Provide the phone number and authorize.
      • Lastly, you should follow the authentication process as well. Click Submit to finalize.

The phone number will be effective immediately. But for any transactions made using Debit/Credit card requiring OTP SMS, then the newly input number is effective starting 2 days later. Plus, if you own a DBS Paylah! Wallet, it’s best to update the phone number there as well.

Update DBS Phone Number Digibank Mobile

The process is quite similar to the above instruction; and you have to log in first before being able to customize your phone number data. After you log in:

  1. Tap More > Your Profile, then choose Update Contact Details > Personal & Contact Details.
  2. Choose Change located under Your Email Address.
  3. Input your Mobile Number and click Save afterwards.
  4. Continue by confirming for the change. Two-factor authentication is also conducted as in previous method.

Update DBS Phone Number Using Video Teller Machine

If you decide in using this method, an officer will be helping you through the teller machine to verify the customer data change. But before that, you should do these:

  • Insert your ATM/Credit/Debit Card or Scan your Passport. Continue with the authentication process.
  • Find Update particulars, and select Phone that is located underneath it.
  • Choose which kind of Phone Number you are going to change.
  • Select the country; enter your New Phone Number.
  • Usually, you will be given an OTP SMS. You should enter it on the machine and click Confirm to proceed with the process.

Aside from those aforementioned how to change DBS phone number, you can also change it through MyInfo (only if you have enrolled for it). You will first be required to login with y our DBS card and PIN and log in with your SingPass ID and password. Starting there, you should confirm and give the bank consent to use the records from your MyInfo.