How to Check POSB/DBS Account Balance Online

You may need the information about the method on how to check POSB/DBS account balance online. It is not necessarily has to be done with mobile banking and iBanking, even though the methods are here as well. It can also be done with ATM and by coming to the branch.

The full information is available here. You can tell the steps are so easy to follow, and you just have to take the step by step information carefully to get the account balance shown. Just select the method of using ATM, chat banking, mobile banking, internet banking or SMS banking according to your need.

Check POSB/DBS Account Balance using ATM

  1. Insert your ATM card into the machine. Then, key in your ATM PIN.
  2. On the main menu, select Balance Inquiry.
  3. Once pressed, there will be more options appear on the screen. Select the one that says Account Type. Select the account type of yours that you need the balance check on.
  4. The account balance will appear on the screen.
  5. If it is all you need, select End and the ATM Card will be ejected out of the ATM machine.

Check POSB/DBS Account Balance Using Chat Banking

  1. Open the website of DBS online banking. On the bottom right of the screen, you will see a chat icon with the Do you need any help text on it. Click on that account.
  2. Type Account Balance to start the chat.
  3. The chat banking will ask for your Select Authenticate me. Then, you need to key in your iBanking login information (User name and ID) or you can also key in the information of the card and the PIN as well.
  4. The chat banking is now going to show you all your registered accounts. Select your account (the one that you want to balance check).
  5. Then, you also have to select the type of balance that you need the enquiries on.
  6. The balance of money will be shown by the chat banking.

Check POSB/DBS Account Balance Using SMS Banking

  1. Make sure you have registered your number to SMS Banking service in POSB.
  2. Open your SMS/ messaging app on the phone.
  3. Tap on the New or + icon to compose a new text message.
  4. Text Balance<space>Last 4 digits of Account, for example Balance 3615 on the body of the message.
  5. Then, enter the number 77767 to the recipient number.
  6. Send the text message and wait for the reply.
  7. The reply will contain your exact account balance

Check POSB/DBS Account Balance via digibank Mobile

  1. Login to digibank Mobile with your Touch or Face ID or digibank User ID and PIN.
  2. Your Account Balance will be display on the Dashboard. Check POSB DBS Account Balance Online
  3. You can activate Peek Balance option by clickMore and under App & Security Settings, select Peek Balance.
  4. Toggle the Switch to Activate and select the Account for Peek Balance, click Save.
  5. You may click and hold to Peek Balance on your preferred account without login to digibank mobile.

Check POSB/DBS Account Balance Online via Internet Banking

  1. Click
  2. Input your User ID and Password, Click Login.
  3. Your Account Balance will be display on the Dashboard. Check POSB DBS Account Balance via Online

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In addition, you can also check the balance by coming straight away to the branch and bring your NRIC.

There, you can ask a customer service to check the account balance, and to make sure you get the exact information about how to check POSB/DBS account balance online.