How to Change DBS iBanking Password

Online banking service is one of the most common services that is offered by DBS bank. It enables the account holders to transfer funds, pay bills, and view transaction records of your account from your computer or smartphone web browser.

Having a DBS internet banking account enables you to conduct any form of a transaction from your comfy couch and makes everything much more manageable. Apart from all those benefits, internet banking is essentially subject to many different risks, including digital theft of your user ID, password/PIN, unauthorized access, and hacking.

To prevent the disadvantages of using online banking services, it’s essential for every account owner to regularly renew their internet banking PIN. Here, you will learn how to change DBS iBanking password from many different platforms.

Change DBS Internet Banking Password

Suppose you want to change or have forgotten your DBS iBanking password. In that case, you have the flexibility to update the PIN through a mobile app, DBS website, or at the nearby DBS ATM.

Mobile App

  1. First off, you need to launch the digibank application on your phone. If you don’t have the app, consider downloading and installing it first through Google Play or App Store.
  2. Once you launched the app, select on Log In option.
  3. Click Forgot your PIN and input your Identity Number, Identity Type, and your Date of Birth.
  4. Click Next and select Debit/ATM card or DBS Secure Device to identify yourself.
  5. Upon identification, add your New PIN and click on Set New PIN in order to complete the update of your DBS password.


  1. Go to the nearest DBS ATM and inset your Debit/Credit/ATM card and input your PIN.
  2. Select on More Services select on Card/PIN/Internet Banking/Phone Banking and select on Reset iBanking PIN/Print iBanking User ID.
  3. Input your New Password/PIN and re-enter the Password/PIN to confirm.
  4. Once your new DBS password is validated, collect your card.

DBS Official Website

To use this method, you will need to have a verified DBS iBanking Secure Device.

  1. Visit the Login page on the DBS website or click
  2. Select on Forgot PIN option.
  3. Input your identifications, such as Debit/ATM Card Number, Card PIN, and NRIC.
  4. Use your iBanking Secure Device or your card details to authenticate your inquiry.

Input your new password and use SMS OTP or your Secure Device to re-authenticate. Your password will be updated immediately.

DBS Login Troubleshooting

Knowing how to change DBS iBanking password is indeed crucial when you encounter some issues when you access your online banking. But before you immediately change your PIN, consider following the solutions below first:

  1. Check the DBS maintenance schedule.
  2. Check your device configurations to make sure you use the recommended browser, hardware, and operating system.
  3. See if the Javascript for the browser in your device has been activated and try to login again.

If you are still unable to log in to your online banking account while you have input the correct PIN, consider changing your PIN with the guidelines as mentioned previously.