How to Update Phone Number in UOB

Phone number is something unable to detach from our day-to-day banking transactions, especially if we are subscribing to SMS banking or internet banking feature.

In case of SMS banking, you will need your phone number to receive notification regarding any fund in and out.

But for internet banking, it’s way more important. You’ll need a valid phone number in order to authorize your transaction using a code which is best known as SMS OTP.

We know it’s a bit exaggerating, but sometimes, life is so unpredictable. What if someday you lost your phone, or breaking it to the point your phone SIM card cannot be saved?

Then, you’ll be left with no options to change your phone as well as your phone number despite the fact that it may affect your banking settings.

How to Update Phone Number in UOB

If this happens, you’ll need to update your phone number as soon as possible. The methods of how to update phone number in UOB available are as follows:

1. Update Phone Number UOB via Online Banking

If you have activated Mighty Secure, you can change your phone number so simply through your internet banking page. To do that:

  1. First, access the
  2. Then, log in to your Internet Banking Account. Use your valid Internet Banking Username and Password.How to Change Phone Number in UOB
  3. Once you’ve logged in to the Account, hover your pointer to the page’s upper left corner. Near your name, find out and select the menu written as My Profile.
  4. Choose Personal Details afterwards. Under this menu, you will be able to change your Phone Number into a current one.
  5. After Save you must write OTP Code. With 2FA login get the OTP via SMS, and Submit.How to Change Phone Number in UOB Online Banking Paye
  6. Finalize Write the OTP Code to change and authorize the change phone number, and click Confirm. The Phone Number Secure by Mighty Secure.How to Change Phone Number in UOB Online Banking Payee

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2. Update Phone Number UOB via Form

This form can be used if you are planning to change your phone number that you used to receive an SMS OTP.

To get the form, you can simply download it on this link (

Once you fill in the blanks provided, send the form to the address written in the form. Or, simply reach out to the nearest branch to submit it. If you need a quick response, it’s best to visit the nearest branch as soon as possible.

3. Change Phone Number UOB via Branch

As mentioned above, you can also change your phone number with the help of customer service officer.

This means you need to spare your time to visit the bank branch.

This is one of the quickest and cheapest ways to change your number. Of course, it isn’t easy for one currently residing outside the country.

You may choose any methods of how to change phone number in UOB that suit your current situation. But, if you need a quick result, you can rely on the third method since you don’t have to go to a branch or mail a form.

Instead, the only pre-requirement is being active in internet banking and has activated Mighty Secure token.

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If your account has not yet linked to internet banking feature, it means you should either go with the first and second methods.

For instant results, it is advised to go with the second method. Moreover, it is easier compared to the first one.