Can UOB Singapore Transfer Money to Malaysia?

Can UOB Singapore Transfer Money to Malaysia.

People perform international money transfer for a variety of reasons. For example, in an increasingly globalized world, moving to other continents and countries for education or job opportunities is not uncommon nowadays.

The reasons above contribute to an increase in the number of people looking for international money transfers when they arrive in a new country. For instance, suppose you happen to live in Singapore and plan to make a fund transfer abroad.

In that case, UOB bank may appear to be the apparent option for its enhanced security, extensive global network, convenience, and international currency account facilities.

But, can UOB Singapore transfer money to Malaysia? The answer is yes; you can transfer money to almost any country across the globe, including Malaysia, through your UOB bank account in Singapore.

UOB Singapore Overseas Transfer to Malaysia via Internet Banking

If you have no idea on how to perform money transfer abroad with UOB, here is the simple tutorial you can follow:

  1. This tutorial requires you to have an internet banking account. If you don’t have one, make sure to register for the UOB internet banking service first.
  2. Go to the UOB personal internet banking platform and log into your account using your username and password.
  3. Click on Pay and Transfer.Can UOB Singapore Transfer Money to Malaysia
  4. select the Overseas Transfer option.Can UOB Singapore Transfer Money to Malaysia Online
  5. Select an existing recipient account or add a new account that you would like to transfer the money to.Can UOB Singapore Transfer Money to Malaysia Online Payee
  6. Input the amount of the remittance.
  7. Choose a bank account you would like to debit from.
  8. Indicate the reason for the transfer as well as your initials.
  9. To continue with the transaction, click on Continue.

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UOB Singapore Transfer Money to Malaysia via Branch

Apart from the method above, you can also perform money transfer to Malaysia through the UOB branch in Singapore. Below is the simple instruction:UOB Singapore Transfer Money to Malaysia via Branch

  1. Bring your identity card/passport and your UOB ATM card/passbook to the nearest UOB branch.
  2. Fill in the provided international money transfer form with the correct information.
  • For your details: name, valid address, and UOB account number
  • For beneficiary bank details: SWITCH code, bank name and address, and name of the intermediary bank, if there are any.
  • Details of the recipient: name, account number, and payment details.
  • Transfer details: amount, currency code, and whether you or the beneficiary will bear the charges.
  1. Hand the form over to the bank teller along with your identity card/passport and your ATM card/passbook.
  2. The teller will notify you if the fund transfer is approved.

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That is all the answer to the question of can UOB Singapore transfer money to Malaysia. Important to note, your international transfer will reach the recipient bank account within one to five working days. Also, transferring money to other international banks usually involves a specific fee that will go through some intermediary banks.

If you plan to send your money to Malaysia and still vague about the process, consider reaching the UOB hotline at 1800 222 2121, sending an email, or visiting the nearest UOB branch to get further assistance