UOB Fixed Deposit

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UOB Fixed Deposit is the one you need to keep getting money from your own savings. Instead of just letting the money being kept in a saving account, you should really try getting them into a deposit account. UOB has numerous features about it.

Learn more about it here and you can see why opening the account is really beneficial for you. It will bring you more money and even more benefits in the future. These are the explanations about the deposit account from the UOB Singapore.

UOB Fixed Deposit Benefits

Low Minimum Placement

If you think that opening an account for deposit will have to be done with a lot of placement money, you are not quite right as you can do that with the minimum amount of money of $5,000 only (SGD). Unless you want a really short tenor, you just need that amount of money to tore.

Wide Choice of Tenors

Whether you need to save the money on the deposit account for a while or just for a couple of days, UOB has everything you need. You can have the 1 month tenor, 2 weeks tenor, or even the tenor that lasts less than 7 days. It is all flexible, depending on your need.

UOB fixed deposit board rates.

Deposit Range (% p.a)Below S$50,000S$50,000 - S$249,999S$250,000 - S$499,999S$500,000 - S$999,999
1 mth0.
2 mths0.
3 mths0.
4 mths0.
5 mths0.
6 mths0.
7 mths0.
8 mths0.
9 mths0.
10 mths0.
11 mths0.
12 mths0.
13 mths0.
14 mths0.
15 mths0.
18 mths0.
24 mths0.
36 mths0.

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Automatic Renewal

There is no need to worry about renewal as most of the account in UOB is going to get automatic renewal so that the profit money will keep flowing to your account all the time.

UOB Fixed Deposit Requirements

Age Requirements

If you want to open the deposit account, you must be at least 15 years of age. This kind of account will be eligible for Singapore Citizen and foreigners as well. Several documents will be needed by those who want to open the account.

Minimum Placement

There are several minimum placement of the money that you need for the deposit. For 1 month tenor and above, the minimum requirement is SGD $5,000.

If you need to choose 7 days to 14 days tenor, the minimum placement of money is SGD $250,000. The highest one will be the placement of money for SGD $1,000,000 and this is for the tenor that lasts less than 7 days.

Open UOB Fixed Deposit via Online Banking

  1. To start opening the account via online banking, open the website of UOB personal Internet Banking. Then, fill in the username and password. The next thing to do is click Login.
  2. You are now in your UOB account, on the menu, you will find the option Apply for. Click that option.
  3. Several other choices will appear on the screen, click Investment select Fixed Deposit option.
  4. The next thing to do is selecting the tenure and filling up a form. Do this carefully and then you can click Submit once done.

Now it is very clear that you can open the account easily. If you have questions, though, you can contact the UOB branches immediately. Simply open the UOB Fixed Deposit now and find the benefits.