How to Check UOB Branch Code

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UOB is a bank that has prominent presence globally especially in Asia with the effort to understand and match its market, business mindset, and the corporate culture.

This bank has solid foothold in various Asian countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and China with numerous of offered financial banking services.

One of the services made available by UOB is Interbank GIRO. Now, to use this service, you will need branch code, ACH bank code, and banking account number.

If you are yet to know how to get branch code of UOB Singapore, then this article might be able to help you.

What is IBG

As you may have already known, GIRO concept is not exclusively used in Singapore. Quite the opposite, this system actually has extensive history for more than thousands of years ago.

The essence of GIRO concept is really simple: you make transfer to create payments to billing organizations directly from and to the bank accounts, instead of using cash or cheques.

GIRO system is currently economical way to make payments in SGD. It requires none of the prior set-up an provides you with extremely easy one-time payment to other banks. For UOB Bank, it usually takes up to 2 work days for your payment to be processed.

The most recent feature of GIRO transfers from UOB is the Business Internet Banking Plus (BIBPlus) which offers really convenient transaction method.

How to Check UOB SG Branch Code

Here are two simple steps on how to check UOB branch code:

  1. Download the complete list of UOB branch code that’s available at
  2. Open the file, read the provided instruction and find your UOB branch code on the attached table.

The PDF file that you’ve downloaded contains the branch code and ACH bank code which are required to proceed with old system of Interbank GIRO (IBG) transactions.

Please keep in mind that the branch code and ACH bank code are not required if you were to choose to perform GIRO through the Business Internet Banking (BIB) and Business Internet Banking Plus (BIBPlus). In these newer services, the GIRO service utilizes BIC Code instead of the branch code and ACH bank code.

How to Check UOB Branch Code

The list that allows you to know how to check UOB SG branch code contains several directions to perform GIRO transaction to different banks in Singapore with different condition.

The guide below will give you example on how to perform IBG Transaction to UOB Bank:

  1. Check the bank code and the branch code of the bank. For UOB Bank, the bank code is 7375 and the branch code is 030.
  2. Prepare the 10-digit account number you wish to make payment via GIRO to. For example, the account number is 9103020121.
  3. Take the first three digits of the account numbers. For example, by using the sample account number above, you have to use 910 codes.
  4. Use this information to make GIRO transaction using the provided instructions by the bank.

What is UOB Bank Code?

UOB bank code is 7375

What is UOB SWIFT Code?


Account Number (1st 3 digits of A/c No.)UOB Branch CodeUOB Branch NameBank Code
1011UOB Main7375
1022UOB Jalan Sultan7375
1033UOB City Plaza7375
1044UOB Tai Seng7375
1055UOB Rochor7375
1066UOB Novena Square7375
1077UOB Thomson7375
1088UOB Vivo City7375
10957UOB Anson Road7375
11010UOB Thomson7375
11157UOB Anson Road7375
11212UOB Bukit Panjang7375
11313UOB Jurong Point7375
11414UOB City Plaza7375
11515UOB Toa Payoh7375
11616UOB Novena Square7375
11717UOB Coleman7375
11818UOB Scotts7375
11919UOB New Bridge7375
12020UOB Holland7375
12157UOB Anson Road7375
12222UOB Thomson7375
12323UOB Serangoon Garden7375
12424UOB Serangoon Garden7375
12525UOB Parkway Parade7375
12659UOB Upper Bukit Timah7375
12727UOB Bedok7375
12828UOB Ang Mo Kio7375
12929UOB Scotts Square7375
13030UOB Clementi7375
13131UOB Parkway Parade7375
13232UOB City Plaza7375
13333UOB Novena Square7375
13434UOB Clementi7375
13535UOB Boon Lay7375
13636UOB Parkway Parade7375
13737UOB Suntec City7375
13838UOB Tampines7375
13939UOB Northpoint7375
14040UOB Changi Airport7375
14141UOB Bukit Batok Central7375
14242UOB Coleman7375
14343UOB Changi Airport7375
14444UOB Pasir Ris7375
14545UOB Woodlands7375
14646UOB Coleman7375
14747UOB Rochor7375
14848UOB Coleman7375
15050UOB Tiong Bahru Plaza7375
15151UOB Bukit Batok Central7375
15252UOB Suntec City7375
15353UOB Boon Lay7375
15454UOB Bukit Panjang7375
15555UOB Tampines7375
15656UOB Bukit Panjang7375
15757UOB Anson Road7375
15858UOB Jalan Sultan7375
15959UOB Upper Bukit Timah7375
16060UOB Vivo City7375
16262UOB Parkway Parade7375
16363UOB Hougang7375
16464UOB City Plaza7375
16666UOB Bishan7375
16767UOB Bendemeer7375
16868UOB Orchard7375
16969UOB Macpherson7375
18080UOB Main7375
20157UOB Anson Road7375
20258UOB Jalan Sultan7375
20359UOB Upper Bukit Timah7375
20458UOB Jalan Sultan7375
20660UOB Vivo City7375
20762UOB Parkway Parade7375
20859UOB Upper Bukit Timah7375
20963UOB Hougang7375
21060UOB Vivo City7375
21164UOB City Plaza7375
21266UOB Bishan7375
21363UOB Hougang7375
21560UOB Vivo City7375
21667UOB Bendemeer7375
21768UOB Orchard7375
21867UOB Bendemeer7375
21969UOB Macpherson7375
301 (301-1XX-XXX-X, Passbooks Savings accounts & TD)46UOB Coleman7375
301 (301-3XX-XXX-X, CA & Statement based Savings accounts)1UOB Main7375
30246UOB Coleman7375
30347UOB Rochor7375
30448UOB Coleman7375
307307UOB Tiong Bahru Plaza7375
308308UOB Admiralty7375
3092UOB Jalan Sultan7375
3104UOB Tai Seng7375
311311UOB Coleman7375
3126UOB Novena Square7375
3147UOB Thomson7375
31857UOB Anson Road7375
320320UOB Orchard7375
32137UOB Suntec City7375
32412UOB Bukit Panjang7375
327327UOB Ang Mo Kio7375
328328UOB Bedok7375
33013UOB Jurong Point7375
332332UOB Farrer Park7375
33514UOB City Plaza7375
336336UOB JEM7375
33764UOB City Plaza7375
33838UOB Tampines7375
33916UOB Novena Square7375
34019UOB New Bridge7375
34120UOB Holland7375
343343UOB New Bridge7375
34424UOB Serangoon Garden7375
346346UOB Northpoint7375
34759UOB Upper Bukit Timah7375
34827UOB Bedok7375
34928UOB Ang Mo Kio7375
3501UOB Main7375
351351UOB Main7375
3521UOB Main7375
35366UOB Bishan7375
35447UOB Rochor7375
35515UOB Toa Payoh7375
35662UOB Parkway Parade7375
35718UOB Scotts Square7375
358446UOB Northpoint7375
35929UOB Scotts Square7375
36030UOB Clementi7375
36131UOB Parkway Parade7375
36232UOB City Plaza7375
36335UOB Boon Lay7375
36436UOB Parkway Parade7375
36537UOB Suntec City7375
36638UOB Tampines7375
36739UOB Northpoint7375
36840UOB Changi Airport7375
36941UOB Bukit Batok Central7375
37044UOB Pasir Ris7375
37145UOB Woodlands7375
37246UOB Coleman7375
37350UOB Tiong Bahru Plaza7375
37457UOB Anson Road7375
37559UOB Upper Bukit Timah7375
37660UOB Vivo City7375
37764UOB City Plaza7375
37863UOB Hougang7375
37967UOB Bendemeer7375
38068UOB Orchard7375
381307UOB Tiong Bahru Plaza7375
382308UOB Admiralty7375
383311UOB Coleman7375
384320UOB Orchard7375
385327UOB Ang Mo Kio7375
386328UOB Bedok7375
387332UOB Farrer Park7375
388336UOB JEM7375
389343UOB New Bridge7375
390351UOB Main7375
391431UOB Shenton Way7375
392432UOB Jalan Sultan7375
393437UOB Tiong Bahru Plaza7375
394441UOB West Coast7375
395447UOB Serangoon Central7375
396448UOB Hougang MRT7375
3971UOB Main7375
3981UOB Main7375
399492UOB Raffles City7375
401431UOB Shenton Way7375
402432UOB Jalan Sultan7375
403432UOB Jalan Sultan7375
404432UOB Jalan Sultan7375
405447UOB Serangoon Central7375
406328UOB Bedok7375
407437UOB Tiong Bahru Plaza7375
40828UOB Ang Mo Kio7375
409328UOB Bedok7375
410336UOB JEM7375
411441UOB West Coast7375
412432UOB Jalan Sultan7375
413447UOB Serangoon Central7375
414441UOB West Coast7375
415336UOB JEM7375
416446UOB Northpoint7375
417447UOB Serangoon Central7375
4191UOB Main7375
420493UOB Waterway Point7375
421494UOB Raffles City7375
422495UOB Vivo City7375
423496UOB Toa Payoh7375
424497UOB Marina Bay Financial Ctr7375
425418UOB Suntec City7375
42668UOB Orchard7375
4271UOB Main7375
42838UOB Tampines7375
429446UOB Northpoint7375
430495UOB Vivo City7375
431431UOB Shenton Way7375
432432UOB Jalan Sultan7375
4331UOB Main7375
43412UOB Bukit Panjang7375
43528UOB Ang Mo Kio7375
43627UOB Bedok7375
437437UOB Tiong Bahru Plaza7375
43819UOB New Bridge7375
441441UOB West Coast7375
446446UOB Northpoint7375
447447UOB Serangoon Central7375
448448UOB Hougang MRT7375
4501UOB Main7375
4511UOB Main7375
45545UOB Woodlands7375
4561UOB Main7375
45715UOB Toa Payoh7375
4591UOB Main7375
4601UOB Main7375
461336UOB JEM7375
46216UOB Novena Square7375
46335UOB Boon Lay7375
4651UOB Main7375
46636UOB Parkway Parade7375
46767UOB Bendemeer7375
492492UOB Raffles City7375
493493UOB Waterway Point7375
494494UOB Raffles City7375
495495UOB Vivo city7375
50146UOB Coleman7375
50246UOB Coleman7375
50346UOB Coleman7375
50446UOB Coleman7375
50546UOB Coleman7375
50646UOB Coleman7375
50746UOB Coleman7375
50846UOB Coleman7375
6111UOB Main7375
6121UOB Main7375
6131UOB Main7375
6141UOB Main7375
6151UOB Main7375
6161UOB Main7375
6171UOB Main7375
6181UOB Main7375
6191UOB Main7375
6201UOB Main7375
631630UOB Marina Bay Financial Ctr7375
633632UOB Wealth Banking Scotts Square7375
636635UOB Wealth Banking Tampines7375
638637UOB MBFC Privilege7375
640639UOB Wealth Banking Katong7375
642641UOB PBC Serangoon Garden7375
643643UOB Wealth Banking JEM7375
64513UOB Jurong Point7375
650643UOB Wealth Banking JEM7375
651651UOB Private Bank7375
655653UOB Tampines One7375
657656UOB Lot One7375
65813UOB Jurong Point7375
662662UOB PBC Orchard7375
663662UOB PBC Orchard7375
666665UOB PBC Bukit Timah7375
668497UOB Marina Bay Financial Ctr7375
688651UOB Private Bank7375
7011UOB Main7375
702332UOB Farrer Park7375
703336UOB JEM7375
7044UOB Tai Seng7375
705432UOB Jalan Sultan7375
706446UOB Northpoint7375
7077UOB Thomson7375
708447UOB Serangoon Central7375
709448UOB Hougang MRT7375
710493UOB Waterway Point7375
711494UOB Raffles City7375
71212UOB Bukit Panjang7375
71313UOB Jurong Point7375
71414UOB City Plaza7375
71515UOB Toa Payoh7375
71616UOB Novena Square7375
717495UOB Vivo City7375
71818UOB Scotts7375
71919UOB New Bridge7375
72020UOB Holland7375
721630UOB Marina Bay Financial Ctr7375
722632UOB Wealth Banking Scotts Square7375
723635UOB Wealth Banking Tampines7375
72424UOB Serangoon Garden7375
725637UOB MBFC Privilege7375
72626UOB Upper Bukit Timah7375
72727UOB Bedok7375
72828UOB Ang Mo Kio7375
729639UOB Wealth Banking Katong7375
73030UOB Clementi7375
731641UOB PBC Serangoon Garden7375
732643UOB Wealth Banking JEM7375
733651UOB Private Bank7375
734662UOB PBC Orchard7375
73535UOB Boon Lay7375
73636UOB Parkway Parade7375
73737UOB Suntec City7375
73838UOB Tampines7375
74040UOB Changi Airport7375
74141UOB Bukit Batok Central7375
74444UOB Pasir Ris7375
74545UOB Woodlands7375
74646UOB Coleman7375
74747UOB Rochor7375
75050UOB Tiong Bahru Plaza7375
753653UOB Tampines One7375
75757UOB Anson Road7375
75959UOB Upper Bukit Timah7375
76363UOB Hougang7375
765665UOB PBC Bukit Timah7375
76666UOB Bishan7375
76767UOB Bendemeer7375
76868UOB Orchard7375
7691UOB Main7375
9011UOB Main7375
902343UOB New Bridge7375
903343UOB New Bridge7375
904332UOB Farrer Park7375
905320UOB Orchard7375
9064UOB Tai Seng7375
907307UOB Tiong Bahru Plaza7375
908308UOB Admiralty7375
909307UOB Tiong Bahru Plaza7375
91030UOB Clementi7375
911311UOB Coleman7375
91232UOB City Plaza7375
91362UOB Parkway Parade7375
91463UOB Hougang7375
91515UOB Toa Payoh7375
91614UOB City Plaza7375
91713UOB Jurong Point7375
918343UOB New Bridge7375
91967UOB Bendemeer7375
920320UOB Orchard7375
92137UOB Suntec City7375
9221UOB Main7375
9237UOB Thomson7375
924311UOB Coleman7375
92550UOB Tiong Bahru Plaza7375
92659UOB Upper Bukit Timah7375
927327UOB Ang Mo Kio7375
928328UOB Bedok7375
92930UOB Clementi7375
93038UOB Tampines7375
93132UOB City Plaza7375
932332UOB Farrer Park7375
93363UOB Hougang7375
934343UOB New Bridge7375
93538UOB Tampines7375
936336UOB JEM7375
9371UOB Main7375
93838UOB Tampines7375
9421UOB Main7375
94535UOB Boon Lay7375
946346UOB Northpoint7375
9511UOB Main7375
952343UOB New Bridge7375
953343UOB New Bridge7375
954332UOB Farrer Park7375
955320UOB Orchard7375
9564UOB Tai Seng7375
957307UOB Tiong Bahru Plaza7375
958308UOB Admiralty7375
959307UOB Tiong Bahru Plaza7375
96030UOB Clementi7375
961311UOB Coleman7375
96232UOB City Plaza7375
96362UOB Parkway Parade7375
96463UOB Hougang7375
96515UOB Toa Payoh7375
96614UOB City Plaza7375
96713UOB Jurong Point7375
968343UOB New Bridge7375
96967UOB Bendemeer7375
970320UOB Orchard7375
97137UOB Suntec City7375
9721UOB Main7375
9737UOB Thomson7375
974311UOB Coleman7375
97550UOB Tiong Bahru Plaza7375
97659UOB Upper Bukit Timah7375
977327UOB Ang Mo Kio7375
978328UOB Bedok7375
97930UOB Clementi7375
98038UOB Tampines7375
98132UOB City Plaza7375
982332UOB Farrer Park7375
98363UOB Hougang7375
984343UOB New Bridge7375
98538UOB Tampines7375
986336UOB JEM7375
9871UOB Main7375
98838UOB Tampines7375
9891UOB Main7375
9901UOB Main7375
9921UOB Main7375
9931UOB Main7375
99535UOB Boon Lay7375
996346UOB Northpoint7375

The main benefit of using UOB Interbank GIRO service is that it’s very convenience. You may use it to make fixed and recurring bill payments.