How to Set Up GIRO Payment with UOB

If you are a customer of UOB Singapore or any other banking company, you must be familiar with GIRO, although you might not use this banking service. General Interbank Recurring Order or which is simply known as GIRO is a banking agreement that allows an account holder to directly make any kind of payments to a BO (Billing Organization).

In Singapore, GIRO was first introduced in 1984 as an automated direct debit system for any partnered billing organization to collect customers’ payments. However, it’s not exclusively the financial system of Singapore. As a matter of fact, the history of this financial service can be traced back thousands of years ago.

The basic concept of GIRO is fairly simple. Customers can perform direct transfers between bank account to billing organizations instead of using cash or checks to pay bills.

Set Up GIRO Payment with UOB via UOB Internet Banking

If you have a UOB bank account and plan to apply for this facility, here is how to set up GIRO payment with UOB in Singapore:

  1. First and foremost, go to the official website of UOB Singapore at to Set Up GIRO Payment with UOB Online
  2. Under the Select a Site drop-down menu, click on Cash Services.How to Set Up GIRO Payment with UOB Online Payee
  3. Once you are redirected to a personal banking page, go to Cash Services > FAST/GIRO Payment option.How to Set Up GIRO Payment with UOB Online Paye
  4. On a new page, you will see a number of different payment methods. Here, click on Create a new FAST/GIRO Payment. How to Set Up GIRO Payment with UOB Online Pay
  5. Create Information about your FAST/GIRO Payment, and Choose Giro as the modeHow to Set Up GIRO Payment with UOB Pay Online
  6. After Create, you downloaded the form, fill in the provided blanks with the correct information and take it with you to the nearest UOB branch along with your NRIC, a passbook, and UOB credit card.

The process of the GIRO application should be conducted over the counter since currently; UOB has no channel to accommodate GIRO online applications. Also, keep in mind that UOB GIRO payment is only eligible for credit card owners. Once your application is approved, you can manage your GIRO arrangement through your UOB mobile banking app or internet banking platform.

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Terminate GIRO Payment via UOB Internet Banking

If you plan to terminate your GIRO arrangement, you can perform this termination through your internet banking account. Here is how to do it:

  1. Go to the official platform of UOB personal internet banking and log into your account using your username and PIN.
  2. Click on Pay and Transfer and select the Upcoming Payments option.
  3. Click on GIRO > Action and select the Edit option.
  4. Click on Termination Date and input the date of termination. Select Save.

Before signing up for the GIRO arrangement, make sure you have thoroughly read and understand the current terms and conditions. In addition, make sure you have sufficient funds to apply for this service.

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Well, if you are still vague regarding the guidance on how to set up GIRO payment with UOB mentioned above and have no idea what documents you need to prepare, consider contacting the hotline service at 1800-226-6121 or via email at to get detailed information.