How to Check OCBC Credit Card Bill

Despite the ease of using a credit card, having backup cash in the form of a card makes it seem easier to overspend. Hence, being able to check the bills is something that you should benefit from. Checking the bills routinely will help you to avoid useless expenses that will cost you a big amount of fortune later. If you are an OCBC credit card holder, then you should know how to check OCBC credit card bill. It will be useful for you.

Why Is It Important to Routinely Check Your Credit Card Bills?

While it is super convenient to use credit card for any transaction, you should know that the ones using credit card for their daily transaction have this tendency to spend more than people who rely on cash and/or cheque. This is not merely a hypothetic argument, since this study is already proven once conducted by a researcher of University of Toronto.

Although some people may think it depends on each individual’s capability to control their spending, ‘unseen’ money offers extreme ease to make payment. Hence, that’s why it may help to encourage something oblivious such as spending on not-too-much-needed things a.k.a tertiary thing.

Checking bills routinely will help you to avoid overspending your credit card. Aside from that, checking bills routinely also help to remind you of paying your bills punctually.

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How to Check OCBC Credit Card Bills?

Now let’s move into the main topic: how to check OCBC credit card bill. You can check your credit card bill by using internet banking. The procedure will be shown below:

  1. Have your PC connected to the internet and launch your browser.
  2. Go to the OCBC internet banking page. Shortly after that, log in using your valid access code and PIN number. Click Login.
  3. Once you logged in, you can see the information about your account. This will also include the amount of money that you owe – written as Liabilities under Credit Cards section. That is the amount that you must pay before the due date
  4. You can get more detailed information simply by placing a click on the related card. Then, there will be a pop-up menu. Pick Details / transactions afterwards.
  5. Your credit card statement will be shown on the page. Set the filter into Current statement.
  6. You will get an OTP SMS. Authorize this act by simply typing the OTP into the internet banking page. Click on Submit to proceed.
  7. Now you can see the items charged to your card for the current statement. It is even more complete with the amount and due date provided.

Are you ready to check your bills? Make sure everything about your credit card is under your control; hence you won’t be dizzy to think about paying it off.

That sums up the procedure of how to check OCBC credit card bill. As earlier stated, it is best to take a peek to your bill – not only to know how much that you’ve spent with the card, by doing so you will also learn how not to overspend.