How To Set Up GIRO Payment With OCBC

If you are looking for the method on how to set up GIRO Payment with OCBC, you can certainly find one here. There are two ways to do that and they are all easy to do.

The first one is by using internet banking and the second one is by using mobile banking. Each of them is very effortless to access.

All you have to do is having your access code and PIN. Of course, you will have to have your own account for the personal internet banking and mobile banking.

That way, you should be able to make sure that the methods below are eligible for you.

Set Up GIRO Payment OCBC using Internet Banking

  1. Open the OCBC personal banking ( and select the Login button on the top right corner.
  2. Login by type in your access code and password. Click Login.
  3. On the top tap, select the second one that says Payments & transfers.
  4. A drop down menu will appear on the screen and you select GIRO services.
  5. A few more options should appear on the screen now. The option you want to select is the Set up GIRO one.
  6. Select the debit account and the organization. Select these options correctly.
  7. Then, a form will appear on the screen. Fill in the form and then you will have to check the term and conditions. Read them, check the box and then select the option Next in the bottom.
  8. A review of the form is now seen on the screen. If they are all correct, review and confirm the payment of the GIRO by selecting the Submit button.

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Set Up GIRO Payment OCBC Using Mobile Banking

  1. Open the mobile banking app. Login using your access code and PIN. Or, if you have activated the finger print ID or face ID, login use those features instead.
  2. Select the menu bar on the left on the screen. Several options will appear, click on the option Pay.
  3. More options are going to get displayed on the screen and you have to select GIRO services.
  4. Once clicked, select the top option that says Setup GIRO payment.
  5. Now you need to select the organization and the debit account that you want to use to set the GIRO. Once selected, tap on Next.
  6. Now, you can fill in the details of the GIRO. Do this carefully and make sure the data is correct.
  7. A form of important notes, terms and conditions will appear on the screen. Accept them by tapping Agree.
  8. The review of the form is shown on the screen and you need to take a good look at them. If they are all correct, tap Confirm to process the GIRO application.

Now you know exactly the method to set up GIRO, you can do that at home without having to come to the branch.

For this reason, understanding how to set up GIRO Payment with OCBC is indeed pretty much essential for everyone.