How to Cancel OCBC Credit Card

Just like any other services, sometimes it is possible that you feel like a credit card you currently use doesn’t work for you anymore and you want to stop using it.

In general, it is considered the best to leave the account opens, but you may have your own valid reason to cancel card and close the account.

This article will specifically talk about how to cancel OCBC credit card. It can be done in two ways, by sending written request or calling the bank over phone.

What to Do When Canceling Your Credit Card

Here are some tips to follow before to properly cancel your credit cards:

  • Make sure you have $0 balance before the credit card cancellation. You may transfer or pay the outstanding credit card balance.
  • Redeem all the remaining rewards points. Alternatively, you may transfer the rewards points you there is no missing out on the remaining value of the credit card.
  • Cancel direct transfers of the credit. Cancelling the direct credit transfer that’s connected to the card will reduce disruption of payment.
  • Check your upcoming statements. This can be done by signing into the account and view the statements to ensure that your credit card is already cancelled.
  • Demolish the physical card. Cut off the physical card into pieces so no one can assemble it back.
  • Wait until you receive confirmation of cancellation. This typically is done within a week or two.

Cancelling via Form

Below are three steps to follow on how to cancel OCBC credit card by sending a form that issued by OCBC Bank:

  1. Search for the online form of Services for Credit Card in the official website of OCBC in the PDF format.
  2. Go to the section titled Terminate my Credit Card and fill it up with all the required information accordingly.
  3. Print the form out, and then you may bring it to the local OCBC Bank branch or mail it away.

Cancelling via Phone Call

Another way on how to cancel OCBC credit card is by contacting the bank via phone call. You just need to dial the bank’s phone number and tell about your intention to cancel the credit card.

When you try to cancel any credit card via phone call, make sure you note the date and time, as well as the bank’s representative that you speak to.

  1. Dial the customer service team of OCBC Bank on:
  • 24-hour hotline of OCBC Bank: 1800 363 3333
  • Phone number to call if you are abroad: +65 6363 3333
  1. Tell about your decision to cancel the credit card.
  2. Wait until they proceed with your request after doing identity verification and asking about the cancellation reason.

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A lot of people consider cancelling your credit card is not exactly the wisest idea because it may damage their credit score.

While cancelling the card may have impact on the score, it isn’t always necessary mean to damage it.

None the less, there are indeed some circumstances where closing the account might be the best interest for you.