How to Change OCBC Phone Number

Mobile phone is crucial, but mobile phone number is more important. These days, mobile phone is linked to almost all services available. One of these services involving mobile phone number is banking services.

Although you have kept a number for long, sometimes you need to change your phone number because of one or two reasons.

If this happens, you should let your bank know as soon as possible. Dealing with changing phone number? Here’s the step-by-step about how to change OCBC phone number.

The Importance of Updating Your Phone Number ASAP

We’ve warned you: ASAP. Yes, as soon as possible after your phone number has changed, you should let your bank know about this.

This is because some personal information is linked and given to you through the use SMS. Not to exclude, your bank may call you for some important news.

Aside from that, you may require your mobile phone number in times like getting an OTP SMS for transaction authorization. If you don’t update onto the system, your transaction will not be able to carry out.

Methods of Changing OCBC Phone Number

In order to change this personal detail, you can do it through internet banking (or Online banking, according to OCBC term), and using mobile banking app.

Both methods are easy to do since you can do it anytime, anywhere.

Aside from getting your phone number updated via self-service banking, you can also directly visit the nearest branch and meet an officer to have the details be changed.

However, this method is more time-consuming and you have to visit the bank on working hours.

How to Change Your OCBC Phone Number

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Change OCBC Phone Number via Internet Banking

  1. Launch your browser and visit the internet banking page. Then, login using your access code and PIN.
  2. On the upper menu bar, get your pointer to click Customer Service then choose Change personal details afterwards.
  3. On your right side of the screen, you will find Edit button. Click on it. Change OCBC Phone Number Online
  4. There will be boxes containing your personal details. Remove the old information of your mobile phone number, then enter the new number of yours. Also, tick the box if you wish the SMS OTP be sent to that new number. Click Next to confirm. Change OCBC Phone Number
  5. Check back your updates, and if you want to finalize it, simply choose Submit.
  6. Complete the authorization process via token as the final step.

Update OCBC Phone Number Using Mobile Banking App

  1. Simply login using valid access code and PIN. Or, log in through Touch/Face ID.
  2. Tap on menu bar icon and continue by selecting Settings.
  3. Pick Update phone number/email. Update OCBC Phone Number
  4. Once there, you will be directed to a page containing fields that you must fill. Since you want to update your phone number, then you should proceed by changing the relevant field, which is Mobile no. Scroll down and tap Next afterwards.
  5. Review the change that you’ve just made before submitting the updates by clicking Submit. Update OCBC Phone Number Online
  6. Now you can get the OTP be sent to your new number!

That sums up the procedure of how to change OCBC phone number by using mobile app and internet banking. It is very easy to conduct and doesn’t take much of your time.