How to Redeem UOB UNI$

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As a part of customer’s loyalty, UOB Singapore provides rewarding system that can be redeemed through the use of UNI$. UNI$ is a digital payment system founded by UOB which also works as a reward redemption payment system as well.

You will earn UNI$ as you transact more using your cards. Therefore, the more you transact, the more chance you earn better amount of UNI$.

Now you may wonder what can UNI$ do to reward UOB customers? You can redeem vouchers for various merchants, ranging from leisure, retail, dining, etc. Redeeming your vouchers with associated merchants is relatively easy and you can do it in various ways.

Wondering how to redeem UOB UNI$? Make sure to continue reading and don’t hesitate to take notes.

How to Redeeming UNI$ via Mobile Banking (UOB Mighty App)

Redeeming your UNI$ for vouchers using UOB Mighty can be considered as the easiest method. Not only you can do it anywhere and anytime, you don’t have to hassle with turning on your PC or calling a certain hotline number just to redeem your UNI$.

Note that you will require your valid login information of internet banking (username and password). Plus, you need to install the UOB Mighty app if you haven’t had it still in your phone.

  1. After logging in to your account, tap RewardsHow to Redeem UOB UNI$ Onlines
  2. Check your current UNI$ balance.
  3. Then, continue by browsing for rewards. Pick one category and browse for any rewards that feel good to you.How to Redeem UOB UNI$ Online Payee
  4. Click on one offer to read the details.
  5. If you have one that suited your preference, tap on Redeem now written under the deal details.How to Redeem UOB UNI$ Online Pay
  6. Continue by reading the redemption details. Then, choose from which card you want the UNI$ to be retrieved.
  7. Slide the Confirm bar to redeem your rewards instantly.How to Redeem UOB UNI$ Pay Online
  8. Your Redeeming UNI$ is Successful

Redeem UNI$ via UOB Internet Banking

Redeeming your UNI$ via UOB Internet banking is pretty similar to redeeming UNI$ using mobile app. You will be required to login to beforehand.

  1. After logging in, you can browse for any category, setting the UNI$ range, or simply clicking on any category to browse any rewards.
  2. Once you found any rewards that you want to redeem, set the quantity and add to cart afterwards.
  3. Then, proceed to redeem by following the instructions shown on the screen.

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Redeem UNI$ by Calling the UOB Call Centre

Another method of how to redeem UOB UNI$ is by calling the UOB Call Centre at 1800-222-2121.

  1. After calling the number above, set the language by pressing 1 (English), or 2 (Mandarin).
  2. Press 1 to access Account Information.
  3. Key in your Credit Card/NRIC Number
  4. Press 4 to proceed on Rewards Redemption.
  5. After that, an OTP number will be sent to you.
  6. Input the 6-digit OTP code.
  7. Continue by keying in your credit card number followed by the reward code (5-digit).
  8. Enter the quantity of voucher that you want to redeem.
  9. Lastly, press 1 to confirm your rewards redemption.

Well, those are three methods of how to redeem UOB UNI$. So, which one will you pick to get your voucher?