How to Open UOB Bank Account

Deciding on which bank you are going to save your money in is not easy to do. This is because you (and many other people) think the bank itself should give benefits as well, for instance, an interesting annual interest rate and low monthly fees and charges. Other reasons why someone chooses a specific bank institution are:

  • The security and trustiness of the bank.
  • Online banking availability. As internet has been used for diverse purposes, people now want to access and transact using their bank account easily without any need to going to the nearest branch.
  • Branch availability. It is a sure thing that people do not want to travel too far just to deal with their banking needs.
  • Minimum balance requirements to open a bank account. The lower balance needed to open a bank account, then the better.
  • Ease of deposit. For example, banks with the availability of ATM deposit are much preferable by new customers than banks without it.
  • Good customer service. Without a decent customer service system  let alone an unhelpful customer service representative  you won’t trust the bank itself.

How to Open UOB Bank Account

Now, let’s get back to the explanation of how to open UOB Bank account. There are various kinds of saving account that this bank offers.

All of these saving accounts are described thoroughly on their official website. Kindly read there before deciding on which account that you want to create.

To apply, you can either apply in the nearest bank branch or apply online. Both ways are easy to do.

1. Direct visit to the nearest branch

How to Open UOB Bank Account Onlinee

This method is pretty clear to do: all you need is to bring your National Identity Card, NRIC and the required money to open your account. Since each type of saving account has different minimum initial deposit, you need to know that beforehand.

For example, Lady’s Savings Account requires you an initial deposit of S$1,000; while for Passbook Savings Account requires you a minimum deposit of S$500.

Then, tell the customer service representative about your intention to open an account. The officer will then guide you to follow through a specific procedure.

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2. Open UOB Bank Account via Online

Open UOB Bank Account via Online

Aside from opening an account directly by visiting the nearest branch, you can open an account through their official website. To do this you may be required to scan various documents beforehand since you will be prompted to upload the documents later.

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Online account opening will be easier to do if your personal information has been stored in your SingPass/MyInfo. If you choose to do this, you will no longer need to type back your personal identity as well as uploading the required documents, such as the scan of your ID card, etc.

Well, so that’s how to open UOB bank account. The bottom line is: each aforementioned method is easy to do, but it has its own disadvantages as well. By opening your account directly in the branch, you can ask your inquiries before opening your account. However, you may need to go outside and spend some time to queue.

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The counterpart method offers quick application, but it may confuse you in the process. Hence, it’s best to choose whichever suits your needs.