How to Pay UOB Personal Loan

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Do you know one thing that you can do to lift some life burden? It is called ‘paying off the loan’. Well, not all of us have personal loan to pay. However, if you have it, it can be pretty demanding for your psyche, especially if it isn’t paid as whole yet.

In addition, there are many people recommending that we should not take any loan since the interest rate can be very awful for our pocket. However, if you have some valid reasons then it is fine to take it as long as you can pay it, despite the jaw-dropping interest that may rip your savings.

How to Pay UOB Personal Loan

This article will mainly talk about how to pay UOB personal loan. In order to pay off your personal loan, UOB has been partnering with AXS to collect the repayment from customers who take loans in UOB. Paying your bills in AXS does not require any fees. Another good thing about AXS payment is the payment is easy to do, and available 24-h.

The procedure of how to pay UOB personal loan is as follows:

1. Pay UOB Personal Loan Using AXS e-Station

  1. Get your PC to access and choose AXS e-Station.
  2. Select Pay Bills service(s) which bills you wish to pay. How to Pay UOB Personal Loan Online Payment
  3. Choose Credit cards or Debit card, then choose UOB.How to Pay UOB Personal Loan Online Payeeee
  4. Then, fill in the required information and proceed to the payment section.  How to Pay UOB Personal Loan Paye Online
  5. The on-screen guide will later guide you to finish the transaction.How to Pay UOB Personal Loan Online Pay

2. Pay UOB Personal Loan Using AXS m-Station

  1. On your phone, download AXS Payment App on Play Store or App Store.
  2. Similar to using the AXS e-Station mentioned above, you can continue by choosing the service(s) that you want to pay.
  3. Fill the blank field with the required information. After that, simply proceed to the payment section.
  4. Select either Credit card or Debit card then pick UOB.
  5. Then, you will be guided with the on-screen guidance to finish the transaction

3. Pay UOB Personal Loan via AXS Stations

You can pay your UOB personal loan via AXS Stations as well. To do that, you will need to:

  1. Choose Finance on the top menu. Then, pick UOB.
  2. Continue by selecting Pay bills with UOB Visa or Mastercard.
  3. Note that AXS payment will only be available for Visa and Mastercard card owners.
  4. Pick any service(s) that you wish to pay and don’t forget to enter the required information.
  5. After that, you will be required to enter your credit card details.
  6. Before proceeding to pay, review your payment details. Confirm it afterwards.
  7. Choose Proceed to Pay and follow the on-screen guidance to finish the payment.

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Other Methods for Pay UOB Personal Loan

1. Cheque Payment

Cheques should be crossed and made payable to your own name (in accordance with your CashPlus Account). Please indicate your Personal Loan Account number and the payment amount on the reverse side of your cheque and Payment Advice.

2. Cash

Cash payment is accepted at any of our local branches or Cash Deposit Machines. Please allow at least one working day for your Personal Loan Account to be credited when cash payment is made.

3. Funds Transfer

Funds Transfer performed after 10pm or on a Sunday and public holidays will be reflected as the next business day’s transaction in your account statement.

4. UOB Phone Banking/UOB ATM

Payment may be made by UOB Phone Banking service at 1800 22 22 121 (24-hour) or at any UOB ATMs islandwide.

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Aside from paying via AXS, paying your personal loans is doable through direct payment to the bank. If you pay your loan back to the bank, do not forget to bring along your customer number as reference. Therefore, the payment will be counted as your valid payment for personal loans you took then.