How to Check UOB Credit Card Bill

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Credit card is not an uncommon thing in our daily life. While many people are dodging it and stick with only ATM card and its piles of cash to shop, some go with this cashless method when shopping. With many promos and offers which are beneficiary for us, it is hard to resist its charm. But still, credit card is only optional in our financial life we can decide what we need.

If you are using a credit card (or two, three, or even more), paying the bills charged to us is compulsory. Taking and using a credit card means you need to repay back the amount of money you took from the bank for shopping (plus its interests). This has to be done in order to make your credit card bounce back to use and is away from its limit which can take us away from its benefits.

Credit card bill may sound scary and burdensome. But after all, it is something charged to us as we have used for our needs.

Why do we need to get updated with the bill charged to us? There are several reasons:

  1. First, you need to check your credit card bill since you have to pay what you used.
  2. With that first reason said, we should check the bills routinely, and find out whether the statement charged is right. Don’t let your bank takes your money away from the spending you don’t even recognize. Therefore, you should notify the bank if you spot any billing errors.
  3. By getting updated with the bill, hopefully you can control yourself for a lower amount charged.

Well, let’s get back to the deal. If you are UOB credit card user, you will also need to pay the bill. Find out below the procedure of how to check UOB credit card bill.

Check UOB Credit Card Bill Online

For this procedure, you need to be subscribed to UOB internet banking beforehand.

  1. First of all, prepare your card, PC, and your login information required (username and password).
  2. Access your account via personal internet banking portal of UOB. To do that, simply login to the system using your valid username and password.
  3. Then, continue by clicking on Account Services. Click on My Activity.How to Check UOB Credit Card Bill
  4. You will see that there is. Click on it to simply set your account into subscribing to Check UOB Credit Card Bill Information.How to Check UOB Credit Card Bill Online
  5. Proceed by Select transaction period, status and channel.
  6. Click Submit to change.How to Check UOB Credit Card Bill Online Payment

Now that you have done the aforementioned procedure of how to check UOB credit card bill, you will be able to get your billing information on the next billing cycle (not the current one) and onwards. Note that using this service will not enable you to trace back the statement prior to the date of your first subscription.

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Lastly, the subscription is valid for 5 consecutive years. Hence, after those five years pass, you won’t be able to get your e-Statement anymore and you need to subscribe again.