How to Change UOB Credit Card Limit

Credit card isn’t something strange for many of us. These days, many people involve this card as their ultimate cashless payment method wherever and whenever possible.

Besides it is easier to ditch the cash (hence you don’t need to bring your bulky wallet everywhere), but also credit cards usually have specific promo to offer, which is really a hassle to resist!

When applying for a credit card, you will usually be asked to set a certain limit.

How to Change UOB Credit Card Limit

For many people, the limit is usually be set according to their monthly salary since setting up a credit card simply means opening a new hole for credits. Therefore, setting it with a payable limit is crucial.

However, some people may think that they need to boost their credit limit for some reason. Who knows they have higher salary now and need a bigger limit to support their shopping desire?

So, that’s why UOB offers its service: to change the limit of your credit card. How to change UOB credit card limit? You can see it in this explanation below.

Temporary Limit Increase Application

In case you need some surge of credit limit for several purposes let’s say, for overseas travel, hospitalization and other medical-related reasons, wedding, or compassionate purposes you can apply for this temporary limit increase.

Applying for this temporary limit increase can be done through your UOB Mighty App. Or, if you are still confuse about what to do, you can simply call the bank’s hotline at 1800 222 2121. The team will be gladly to assist and proceed with your request.

For this purpose only, you don’t have to visit any branch. The change will be effective shortly and is subject to a certain time interval.

Permanent Limit Credit Card Increase

If you really want to increase your credit card limit permanently, the job takes a little bit more time. You can do any of these procedures of how to change UOB credit card limit

1. Direct Visit to The Bank

Simply have a customer service officer to handle your request. Make sure you bring in your credit card, identification card, and income documents (three-month paycheck slips, latest income tax of assessment, latest 12 months CPF contribution statement).

Typically, you will be required to complete a form first before the process goes on.

2. Through MyInfo

Increase UOB Credit Card Limit

This method is only applicable for Singaporeans and permanent residents of Singapore with SingPass.

If you think you qualify, you can simply access the direct MyInfo link for increasing your credit card limit on the bank’s official website.

By doing this method, you can really cut time while processing the limit increase.

The change is instant given that you send the request within 8:30 AM to 9:00 PM. Outside the designated time interval, your request will be handled on the next working day.

3. Through UOB Internet Banking Portal

For non-Singaporeans and non-permanent residents of Singapore, you can increase your credit limit via internet banking portal.

However, you will be required to upload the required documents all by yourself.

Increase UOB Credit Card Limit via Internet Banking

  1. Log in UOB Internet banking.
  2. Select Transaction Limit from the drop-down list.How to Change UOB Credit Card Limit
  3. Select the service and choose the limit that you want to charge.
  4. Click Save.How to Change UOB Credit Card Limit Online
  5. Enter 6-digits SMS-OTP and click Authorize to proceed.How to Change UOB Credit Card Limit Online Banking
  6. Click Confirm to proceed.How to Change UOB Credit Card Limit Online Banking Payment
  7. The Transaction Limit is Succesfull to Update.How to Change UOB Credit Card Limit Online Banking Payee

Keep in mind that the change isn’t soon to be effective. Your request will be processed in working days and you’ll get a notification when the change is approved.

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So, those are the procedures of how to change UOB credit card limit. Which one will you take to increase your card limit?