How to Change UOB ATM PIN

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Humans can be considered as one forgetful creature. Be it remembering a number sequence or recalling someone’s face after a long time, it might be a difficult task for us.

That escalates more when it comes to remembering PIN code. Dealing with forgotten ATM card PIN?

Having forgotten your ATM PIN does not mean the end of all world. You can still work on it is an easy process after all.


If you are dealing with forgotten PIN code for your ATM card, the process to take care of this is as follows.

1. Direct visit to the nearest branch

There is no other quick and reliable method that can conquer the effectiveness of this method.

Even though it requires you some energy and some spare time to travel to the nearest branch, you can rely on the help of customer service officer to help you reset the PIN and make a new one.

2. Completing a form


Alternately, you can download a form from the official website of UOB, named Card Replacement / Information Update Form.

The previous method uses this form as well, but if you cannot visit any branch in the near future let’s say you’re abroad or incapable to reach out for a branch due to some conditions sending this form to the designated address will help you much.

However, keep in mind that this process takes much longer time. Hence, if you are in dire need to use your ATM card, you are not recommended to use this method.

As a replacement, you should either use the procedure in number #1 or this one following.

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3. Calling the customer service

As another method of how to change UOB ATM PIN, there is this method: calling the customer service for help.

Using this method, you can avoid queuing or dealing with mail fees to send the form as mentioned in number #2.

Simply grab your phone and dial 1800 222 2121 for assistance.

Update UOB ATM PIN via Mobile Banking AppHow to Change UOB ATM PIN Mobile Banking

To sum up, there are three methods that you can rely on as the trick of how to change UOB ATM PIN.

Additionally, if it is your debit or credit card which you forgot its PIN, you can change it via mobile banking app.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to use Mighty Secure in order to reset your PIN. To do that:

  1. Login first to your Mobile Banking App Service using your valid Username and Password.
  2. Then, proceed to tap/choose any redirecting links to change your Profile Settings. As for Mighty app, you can tap on Accounts.
  3. Choose for any card (Credit/Debit) that you wish to change the PIN.
  4. After tapping on the selected card, simply choose Reset card PIN.
  5. Continue by keying in your new PIN. The PIN consists of six numerical digits and is not an alphanumerical one. Repeat entering it once to confirm.
  6. Tap on Submit. You will then be required to provide an authentication code of Mighty Secure.
  7. Input the Code correctly.
  8. And it’s done!

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Reset UOB ATM PIN via Internet Banking

  1. Login first to your Account at UOB Internet Banking website. After you loggin, Click under the Account Services drop down list, select Manage Cards.
  2. Select the cards that you want to activate/create or change PIN.How to Change UOB ATM PIN Online Banking
  3. Enter New PIN and Confrim.
  4. Click Continue to Proceed.How to Change UOB ATM PIN Online Banking Pay
  5. Key 6-Digits SMS-OTP for veriviaction.
  6. Click Authorise to proceed.How to Change UOB ATM PIN Online Banking Payee
  7. Succesfull. You have Activated a Card.How to Change UOB ATM PIN Online Banking Payment

So those are how to change UOB ATM PIN as well as to change the PIN of debit/credit card. Whichever your condition is, make sure your use the suitable method to deal with this problem.