How to Change POSB/DBS Card PIN

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Have you heard that this PIN number should be change routinely to improve the card’s security? Having a PIN number to secure your ATM card from unwanted transactions is a mandatory thing to do.

That’s why, when you open an account you will be asked to set your PIN number. At that time, it’s the bank officer who helps you to set it out.

You can change it without even going to a branch. If you’re a POSB/DBS account owner, find out below how to change POSB/DBS card PIN.

Methods of Changing Your Card PIN

It’s an exact thing that by going to a bank branch you will be able to change the PIN. But as laziness comes to strike, you will feel lazy to go out to visit the bank. If that happens, what should you do?

Turns out there are several methods of changing your card PIN, which will be mentioned as follows:

  • Internet banking
  • Mobile banking
  • VTM (Video Teller Machine), and
  • Through online form which is available in their FAQ center website.

Change POSB/DBS Card PIN Using Internet Banking

Changing the card PIN can be done through your internet banking account regardless you are a POSB or DBS account owner. The step-by-step procedure will be mentioned below:

  1. Launch your browser, and go to the digibank portal website. Once you’re there, log in using your user ID and PIN. Remember this PIN may be same or different. It depends to your settings.
  2. Navigate your pointer to Cards and choose Reset Card PIN.
  3. You will be prompted to retype your 6-digit digibank (iBanking) secure PIN.
  4. Pick any card whose PIN you wish to reset.
  5. Then, input the new PIN. Soon after you enter the new PIN, confirm the updates.
  6. Finally, click Submit to finalize the reset process.

Change POSB/DBS Card PIN via Mobile Banking

For this method, you should have installed the POSB/DBS mobile banking app and have valid user ID and PIN.

  1. As usual, log in to your account first. You can also pick to log in using recorded biometric method (Touch/Face ID)
  2. Under Manage Cards & Loans menu, you will find More. Tap on that option, then select Reset Card PIN.
  3. Choose any card that you wish to update.
  4. Now, enter your new PIN for the card, and choose Change PIN afterwards. Your new password will be changed ASAP.

Change POSB/DBS Card PIN Using Video Teller Machine (VTM)

If you are using VTM to change your card PIN, it may sound strange: you should try to fail the attempts to authenticate first.

Once you fail to provide the previously recorded PIN, a prompt will appear on the screen which tells you to reset the PIN using your identification card.

Next, you’ll be asked to insert your NRIC. If you are a foreigner, use scanned passport to identify yourself. Soon after that, you will connect with a POSB/DBS officer in order to fix the deal with resetting your PIN.

As mentioned earlier, there is another usable method which is to use the online form for PIN resetting.

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This method can be done by either POSB or DBS account. To apply this specific method of how to change POSB/DBS card PIN, a connected PC/mobile phone is required to go to their FAQ website to get the form.