How to Change Phone Number in UOB

Phone number is a much-needed aspect of banking nowadays. Let it become the gateway for OTP verification or for SMS banking, phone number is always used.

However, it is not impossible that we change phone number, for example in the case of missing cellphones.

If you are a UOB account owner, you may wonder how to change phone number in UOB. Don’t worry as this article below will answer your curiosity about that matter.

Phone Number and Its Use in Banking

It turns out that not only your work that may be ruined if you got no one knows with your new number. Your bank account will be confused as well, especially if you need that in order to receive an OTP SMS to validate your transaction.

As a result of not updating your phone number in this matter, you will not be able to validate your identity as the valid account owner of the account. Therefore, that may result in cancellation of your transaction. Sounds bad, already?

Hence that is why you need to always update your phone number, not only when you are missing your old phone due to bad occurrence (re: theft or something alike), but also when you are getting a new number without any apparent reason. Once you link the updated phone number to your account, then the transaction will be carried out easier.

However, some people may still don’t know how to do that in an easy manner. You may be one of those people having no idea about that.

How to Change Phone Number in UOB Bank

If you are an owner of UOB account, then you can do several methods below in order to change your phone number easily:

  • Changing your phone number directly on a bank branch
  • Changing your phone number via internet banking

If you are not in such rush, then changing your phone number by visiting the nearest bank branch is a great thing to do. Just mention that you need to update your phone number due to a certain reason. The customer service officer will gladly help you to process the request.

Update Phone Number in UOB via Internet Banking

Aside from updating your phone number with the help of an officer, you can also change your phone number on yourself. Here, you update your phone number through internet banking. Here is the procedure:

  1. First of all, launch your browser and go to the UOB personal internet banking (PIB) website.
  2. Enter your username and password as required normally when logging into your account.
  3. On the left side of the page, activate the drop-down menu and click on My Profile.
  4. You will be prompted SMS OTP. If you cannot get into your previously registered phone number, then you can opt to activate the token OTP. Here you will be sent an OTP through your token.
  5. Enter the code sent to your token to proceed with the procedure.
  6. Under the Personal details tab, you can update any of the following numbers:
    • Mobile number
    • Home phone number
    • Office number
    • Fax number
  7. Now you will be asked once more authentication using token. Simply enter the code sent and confirm that the request is valid.

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It’s best to directly change your phone number once you got no access to your previous phone number. Of course, you can benefit from any of those aforementioned methods of how to change phone number in UOB.