How to Request Bank Statement from POSB/DBS

If you are asking how to request bank statement from POSB/DBS, you can find the exact step-by-step here. It will show you exactly how to retrieve the printed statement from the bank.

In addition, there will be several FAQs too to show here. This way, you won’t get confused of anything related to the printed statement. The full information will be shown below.

Request Bank Statement via iBanking

  1. Login to POSB/DBS iBanking
  2. Login with your User ID and PIN. After entering those information, click Login.
  3. On the home page, select the options Request.
  4. A few options should be seen on the screen. Select that one that says Printed Past Account Statement.
  5. You will be asked to enter your secure PIN/OTP. This is a 6-digit internet banking secure PIN that will allow you access to the features. Enter the PIN correctly.
  6. If the PIN is correct, you can continue the request process for the printed statement. Now, you look for the option Debiting Account.
  7. Once clicked, you will be directed to select the account as well as the period for the statement (within 1 year, 1-3 years, or more).
  8. After you done, a review of your request will appear on the screen. If it is all correct, click Next.
  9. Last but not least, click the button Submit and your request will be processed as soon as possible.

The FAQ for Requesting POSB/DBS Bank Statement

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How long does it take to receive the printed account statement?

The process can take up for 4-5 working days. The printed paper can be sent to your mailing address or you can also pick it up at the bank branch.

Make sure you are requesting the printed statement a few days before you need one as it does take a while to complete the process.

Will there be any charges applicable for the retrieval of the statement?

Yes, there will be charges applied to the request. If you ask for the statement within a year, you will be charged SGD 20 per copy/month.

If you are asking for the printed statement from the period of 1-3 years, the charge will be SGD 30 per copy/month.

The most expensive one is when you are asking for printed statement from more than 3 years ago. The charge for that service will be SGD 50 per copy/month.

Is there any email statement available at DBS/POSB?

Yes, there is a feature called eStatement. Instead of printing the whole thing, the statement is just written digitally and sent to your email.

It is absolutely free of charge and paperless. You can print it later on, on your own, of course. This is seen as a better option these days.

All you need to figure out the steps of asking for the printed statement is already there. Use them and you will no longer ask about how to request bank statement from POSB/DBS all the time.