How to Activate UOB Token

As someone who frequently uses internet banking services, you probably have known what token is. Token is widely used in internet banking service as a tool that provides security while using various banking services.

In general, token is used to generate a One Time Password (OTP) which will be beneficial for authorizing the banking transaction. If you are still new to internet banking services, chances you still don’t have any idea what token is and what it takes to use it.

How to Activate UOB Token via Internet Banking

While you can understand the definition of token on the definition provided above, the following explanation will be focused on giving you an insight of how to activate UOB token.

How you can get the UOB token?

After you register your account as the internet banking user, you will be given a SecurePlus token.

This is the general condition, but if you don’t get yours ready at the time you register to UOB internet banking, you may send a request to any of these channels:

  1. SecurePlus Token application; which is accessible from your personal UOB Internet Banking.
  2. Find any menu written as Apply for, then you can get the SecurePlus token application menu written there.
  3. Getting the UOB Mighty Update Form and UOB Personal Internet Banking form which is available on the bank’s website.
  4. Complete the form and mail the form afterwards to the address provided there.
  5. Your request will be processed within five business days after the mail has been received.

How To Activate The Token

Without activating the token, you will not be able to use it. Hence, you should follow this procedure of how to activate UOB token as mentioned below.

  1. Simply log in to your UOB Personal Internet Banking or UOB Mighty using your Username and Password that you’ve registered to the system.
  2. Then, there will be guidance leading you to complete the whole process of token activation.
  3. Make sure you complete the whole processes to enable the use of SecurePlus token.

When should you activate the token?

The token issued has a certain activation period. Commonly, it is 60 days after the token mailed out to you.

Within these days, make sure you activate the token so that your internet banking service can be used thoroughly.

In case you don’t activate the token within the designated days, you can still use the token, though.

However, your account will only be permitted to perform basic transactions meaning that your account isn’t granted the full authorization.

Where will you receive the token?

Given that there is the mailing address that you provide during your account opening, the token will be mailed out to that address.

If you are changing it due to some reasons, that will be best to complete the Change of Address & Contacts update. Use the form available on the UOB’s official website (

Activate UOB Token via Mobile Banking

You should follow this procedure of how to activate UOB token using Mobile Banking:

  1. Login to UOB Mobile by entering your Username and Password.How to Activate UOB Token
  2. Select the Activate option.How to Activate UOB Token Online
  3. To generate a one-time Password (OTP), press red button on your token.
  4. Enter the token-generated OTP in the text field.How to Activate UOB Token Online Banking
  5. Select Submit on your mobile screen.
  6. You will be automatically logged out. The activation will take 10 minutes to complete.How to Activate UOB Token Online Banking Payment
  7. After 10 minutes, activation is complete and you may choose to login again.

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If you have questions regarding the token and/or has not received any token, you can call the 24-h hotline (1800 222 2121 for calls from Singapore, and +65 6222 2121 if you are calling from overseas) to get the team’s assistance.

To sum up, activating UOB token is crucial to make your internet banking account available for all transactions possible.

To activate your token, you can use the procedure of how to activate UOB token as mentioned above. Not to forget, you should activate it within 60 days since the issue date.