How to Activate UOB Card for Overseas Use

If you are a type of person who often travels, or you are planning to travel abroad and looking to make purchases there, then it is important to make sure that you have activated your card for overseas use. Using card to make transactions while you are overseas can provide you with security and safety.

You may have known that it can be really risky to travel to another country, especially one that you’re not familiar with, and to carry massive amount of cash. Using your card also ensure you to complete transaction in real time without hold.

Not to mention the primary benefit of it: the practicality and convenience to make purchase everywhere. That’s why if you are a holder of card issued by UOB Bank Singapore, you will want to make sure that you have completed overseas use activation for the card prior to leave the country.

After the activation card is completed, then you will be able to withdraw money at any points of ATM machines in other countries that accept it.

How to Activate UOB Card for Overseas Use

There are a few possible ways on how to activate UOB Card for overseas use and enable cash withdrawal on countries other than Singapore:

  1. By dialing the phone call number of UOB Customer Service Hotline (available for 24 hours)
  • If you are calling from Singapore, then dial 1800 222 2121
  • If you are calling from overseas, then dial (65) 6222 2121
  1. By visiting UOB ATM machine that’s located nearest to you.
  2. By visiting a UOB Branch in Singapore, or
  3. By activating via UOB internet banking service using your Personal Internet Banking (PIB) account

Activate UOB Card for Overseas via Online

  1. Open UOB Overseas Card Use Website.
  2. Click Overseas Card Use
  3. Enter Any Of Your Card Numbers To Begin. Credit/Debit Card Number or ATM Card Number.How to Activate UOB Card for Overseas Use
  4. Write provide the following Verification Code.
  5. Click Continue.How to Activate UOB Card for Overseas Use Online
  6. After this section, Write the list of your information about banking status. Write The Complete Infromation.

Note that if you were to travel to other countries where UOB has network branch of such as Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand, then you will be able to perform transactions on UOB ATM machine there without any transaction fee. However, the withdrawal limit applied in these countries is the same with the applied limit when you’re in Singapore.

So if you set your current withdrawal limit in Singapore to be S$3000/ day, then this cash withdrawal limit will also be applied if the UOB card is used in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. Meanwhile, if you are using UOB card on other foreign countries, you can choose to withdraw the cash on any ATM machines.

Transactions using your UOB card will be measured using the currency of country you’re making the transaction in, then converted into USD then converted into the billing currency of your card according to the current exchange rate.

If you are using Mastercard or Visa debit cards, then any transaction in other currencies will be charged with administration fee with a rate of 3.25% of the total of your transaction. When you are withdrawing cash while being overseas, you are also being subjected with extra ATM withdrawal fee with a flat rate of S$5 on each transaction.

The UOB Bank will provide you with further guide on how to activate UOB Card for overseas use and fees information if you’re choosing to complete it via phone call. If you are currently overseas and want to submit general inquiries about the card activation outside of Singapore, you may reach UOB international phone call number at (65) 6222-2121.