How to Change OCBC ATM Card Withdrawal Limit

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Having an ATM card for daily transaction seems to be a must these days. Even though it is fun to be able to transact through a card, your ATM card cannot go unlimited.

Your saving account has its own limitation, depending on which saving account you are using.

Therefore, once you have reached the daily withdrawal limit, you cannot withdraw more funds.

Luckily, if you are an OCBC account owner, you can find out below how to change OCBC ATM card withdrawal limit.

Change Daily Withdrawal Limit OCBC ATM Card

Daily withdrawal limit is something applied not only for Singaporean banks. It seems like there must be a certain daily withdrawal limit in everyone’s saving account. That also applies for OCBC saving account.

If you are someone who needs to withdraw money for your daily needs, you may find it troublesome to have this daily limit.

This will be troubling especially if you need an emergency fund, but you cannot get any bucks from your daily saving account.

Some of you probably haven’t known that this limit is changeable. All you need to do is to change it through internet banking, mobile banking app, or simply going to the nearest branch.

Since you need an immediate fund, then probably you will just skip the third method.

How to Change OCBC Withdrawal Limit

As mentioned earlier, if you wonder how to change OCBC ATM card withdrawal limit, then the answer will be these two: changing the limit through internet banking or through mobile banking app. Although the user interface for each method is different, the basic step-by-step is the same.

Either using internet banking through your PC or using mobile banking app, changing OCBC daily withdrawal limit can be done through these steps below:

Change OCBC Withdrawal Limit Using Internet Banking

  1. First of all, make sure to log in to your OCBC account, whether you are using internet banking.
  2. Click
  3. Enter your Access Code and PIN, click Login.
  4. Click on Customer service and select Card withdrawal & spending limit under Cards.
  5. Select your card, update its limits and click on Next.
  6. Update your new withdrawal and spending limits and click Next.
  7. Review and confirm the new limits, click Submit.
  8. Authorise this action using OneToken on your mobile device.

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Change OCBC Withdrawal Limit Using Mobile Banking

  1. Launch your OCBC Mobile Banking.
  2. Enter your access code and PIN. Then, click/tap on Log in.
  3. Tap on Card Services
  4. Then, you should navigate to Change card daily limit.
  5. Choose the card whose limit is going to be changed. Tap on Next.
  6. Click Confirm. You have successfully changed your limit after reaching this step.

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Soon after you have finished this procedure, you can withdraw more cash, given that the change will be applied immediately.

If you want to lower your withdrawal limit back, you can also do that mentioned procedure that answers ‘how to change OCBC ATM card withdrawal limit?’