How to Deposit Cash in OCBC

How to deposit cash in OCBC account? There are times that you withdraw money too much than that needed. Now that you think about it, if you don’t save the surplus, you may overspend it for something useless.

To find out how to deposit money to your OCBC account, make sure you read this article below.

Depositing Money to OCBC Account

Back then, if you own some spare money, you will go to your piggy bank and save your money there. Now, it still helps sometimes, but its safety is not that good.

Who knows that someone may steal your already-full piggy bank when you are away?

That’s why bank comes into play. Not only bank allows you to deposit money into somewhere safe, but by saving your money in a bank, you can also get some interest.

The amount may not significant, but that should not be a hindrance in order to keep your money there.

Now that you have already had your own OCBC account, the only thing you need to do is to deposit your money into your account. The step-by-step of doing it will be explained below.

Methods of Depositing Money to OCBC Account

In order to put your money in your OCBC account, you can do these things below:

  • Directly visiting the nearest OCBC bank branch, or
  • Simply by going to a cash deposit machine ATM

You may wonder, can you really come to an OCBC ATM and depositing your money there? Yes, you can,  but you must keep in mind that not all OCBC ATM is equipped with notes/coins deposit machine.

Hence, you need to know where you can get an ATM with this feature. To do that, you can find its location by searching it via OCBC website.

How to Deposit Money to Your OCBC Account?

Direct visit to a bank

To deposit money directly, then you only need to get into the nearest branch of OCBC. Pass your bank book and the money to the teller, and the remaining is the teller’s job.

The upside is, you don’t have a deposit limit how big or how small the amount you are saving, the teller will help you.

Depositing money through ATM Cash Deposit Machine

  1. You can either choose to use your ATM or not. If you:
  2. Use ATM card, then simply insert your card first. Following that step, input your PIN. Choose Cash deposit afterwards.
  3. Are not using ATM card, simply tap Other services on the screen, then choose Cash deposit. Enter the valid account number.
  4. There will be a brief explanation that you can read in order to smoothen the process of deposit.
  5. Next, place your cash notes/coins into the counter machine. The machine will be closed once you tap on Start.
  6. Let the machine counts your money. After a while, on the screen you will see the details of your deposit. Check all of the conveyed information, including the account number (if you don’t use any card to deposit).
  7. Confirm your deposit simply by tapping the relevant on-screen option.

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So that is how to deposit cash in OCBC via ATM and direct visit to the bank branches.

It’s great if you already know the location of cash deposit ATMs, but if you haven’t known where it is, you can locate it simply by going to the OCBC website to find one.