How to Change OCBC Mailing Address

It is essential to renew your address whenever you move to new places. You need all your mail to reach the correct location, you want each of your bills to be delivered to the right place, and you will need to update your government entity.

However, you may not realize that it is also necessary for your financial activities to update your address, more importantly if you have an OCBC account.

In order to keep receiving letters from the bank, it’s essential to know how to change OCBC mailing address in case you have no idea how to do it.

Update OCBC Mailing Address via iBanking

If you have an OCBC internet banking account, it would be much more convenient if you want to change your personal details like a mailing address.

  1. Go to the OCBC internet banking website and log into your account using access code and PIN.
  2. Select the Customer Service drop-down menu and select Change mailing address. Change OCBC Mailing Address
  3. Select the account you want the mailing address to be updated and click Next. Update OCBC Mailing Address via iBanking
  4. Select the Address type and input the New address. Enter your new postal code and select Get address. The building name and street name will be filled in an automatic way. Select your house or unit number, and fill in the number of your unit or house. Change OCBC Mailing Address via Online
  5. Tick the I agree with the authorization and agreement box. Click on Next.Update OCBC Mailing Address via Online
  6. Confirm the correctness of the new mailing address and click Submit. Now, your mailing address has been successfully updated.

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Why Is It Important to Change Your OCBC Mailing Address?

You already know how to change OCBC mailing address. Now, it’s essential for you to understand why a change of mailing address is significant, especially for OCBC account holders.

Customer Identification Program

Now, any bank must conduct an identity check for those who wish to carry out a financial transaction with them. Before OCBC can check your identity, it’s impossible for them to open an account or grant you a credit card.

The verification process is done through address verification, both current and previous mail addresses. Therefore, if you move to another location, it is vitally important to change your address so that you don’t have to experience any issues when you plan to open a bank account.

Preventing Identity Theft

Unlawful individuals who love to perform identity theft love people who do not change their old address with the bank where they open an account or apply for a loan promptly.

This gives them an opportunity to open accounts under your name, get access to your personal information, and accept product deliveries purchased in your name.

Therefore, whenever you moved to new places, be sure to renew your address. It will prevent you from breaking the law, protect your personal details, and guarantee that you receive all the essential correspondence you require. It can also make obtaining a credit card and opening a new bank account much simpler.