How to Change OCBC Daily Transfer Limit

Transferring funds have become something so normal in our daily lives. That comes as a part of our economic system, and without it, it seems like our lives will be ruined, especially if you are doing some business that requires you to pay using bank transfer.

Ever since you set up your bank account, there is a certain limit of daily transfer. It may be bothersome if you want to transact more, but got limited by the daily transfer limit.

Do you want to change this limit? Find out how to change OCBC daily transfer limit below.

What is the Daily Transfer Limit of OCBC?

Ever wonder how much is your daily limit of transfer? If you are an OCBC account owner, your default daily limit for fund transfer is S$5,000.

Sounds pretty much for some people, but if you are unable to remain still with just this amount good news is, you can change it to a higher limit without needing to visit a branch.

You may also think that this S$5,000 seems too much for you. The default limit can also be changed into something lower that that if you want that frugal life.

How to Change OCBC Daily Transfer Limit

If you are an OCBC internet banking user, then you will find yourself at ease since this limit is changeable via self-service banking.

Find out below how to change OCBC daily transfer limit easily.

  1. First of all, make sure to have your OneToken/mobile phone ready on hand. Then, launch your browser app and hunch your keyboard to type the address for internet banking.
  2. Then, just like starting any transaction, make sure to log in to your account. Enter your access code and PIN number, and click Log in afterwards.
  3. Hover your pointer to the menu bar on the top. Then, simply click on Payments & Transfers and then click on to an account.
  4. Once you landed in a new page, you will find a vertical menu tab. Activate Update transaction limits menu. Update OCBC Daily Transfer Limit
  5. You will be displayed the limits of various types of transfers, ranging from regular transfer, MEPS transfer, even to an extent of overseas transfer. You may choose any of these transfer types. For day-to day fund transfer, you will just need to choose Regular transfer & eNets.
  6. There will be a drop-down menu under New limit. Click on that menu, and set your new transfer limit. You can even deactivate the transfer if you want no further transfer whatsoever. Change OCBC Daily Transfer Limit
  7. Click Next.
  8. Review the details and simply click Submit if you’re already sure about the change.
  9. The bank will send you an authorization prompt on OneToken.
  10. Simply tap on the notification sent by the bank, and confirm your action by clicking Confirm on the app directly. The process is finished if you’ve already confirmed the change.
  11. Alternately, an OTP will be sent to your mobile phone if you have not activated your OneToken. Simply input the OTP onto the internet banking page.

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With those steps done, enjoy your new limit of transaction. You don’t have to dwell on daily transfer limit anymore by doing this how to change OCBC daily transfer limit step-by-step.