Transfer Money From Singtel Dash to Bank Account

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Singtel Dash is one of the commonly used e-wallets in Singapore. With this e-wallet, people will get a lot of ease when it comes to transferring funds. Moreover, recently Singtel Dash has just joined the nine banks who initially established PayNow as a quick method to make payment within the nine banks.

As it is a new non-financial institutions joining PayNow, can it be made to transfer funds to bank account? If it is possible, you may ask how to transfer money from Singtel Dash to bank account?

Transferring Funds with Singtel Dash

Before joining PayNow, Singtel Dash itself was already an e-wallet. It simply means that this service is capable to make cashless payment let it be for an online or in-store payment, paying for services such as taxi fare, etc. One Singtel user can also give another Singtel user funds, as long as the person knows the mobile phone number.

It’s practically simple, although some people may find some limitations on its system. Back then, Singtel Dash users cannot transfer funds from their Singtel Dash e-wallet directly to a bank account. As now Singtel Dash has joined PayNow, then it is much easier for you as this service can be used to transfer funds directly to a bank account.

Using Singtel Dash to Transfer Funds to Bank Account

After reading the aforementioned information, you may wonder how to transfer money from Singtel Dash to bank account. One thing you need to make sure that you have already verified your Singtel Dash account.

Once you finished the verification process, you will get an offer to activate PayNow VPA/FAST the next time you launch your Singtel Dash app. This is required to proceed with Singtel Dash wallet-bank account transfer.

Keep in mind that after you activate PayNow VPA/FAST, you won’t be able to top up your Dash wallet using debit/credit card. Plus, the change is irreversible.

Starting here, the procedure will be as mentioned below:

  1. Once you got into the deal with PayNow activation, a PayNow Virtual Payment Address (VPA) will be given to you. This is used to top up Dash wallet as well as to receive money from other users.
  2. To transfer money, start by launching your Singtel Dash dashboard. Tap on Send money icon.
  3. Now, you will be given three options to send your money from. For this article, we will focus on Therefore, continue by tapping PayNow. Remember, you need to make sure that the recipient has already registered on PayNow as well. Otherwise, if the person hasn’t registered to PayNow, it’s better to continue with Bank account method.
  4. Let’s say you are going to use PayNow. To transfer the money, make sure you know any of these details of your recipient: Mobile number, NRIC/FIN, Unique Entity Number (UEN), or Virtual Payment Account (VPA).
  5. The easiest one would be to enter the recipient’s mobile number who has already linked to PayNow. Or, if you don’t have that detail, you can go with the VPA.
  6. Once you put on the recipient’s details, input the amount you want to transfer. If required, you can add some message.
  7. Confirm your transfer after you’re sure about the transfer details.

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So, that is how to transfer money from Singtel Dash to bank account. It may be quite a long procedure to follow, but it isn’t that difficult, right?