How to Send Money Using Singtel Dash

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Singtel Dash is a service that allows you to send money, not only within Singapore, but also to a few Asian countries. This article will walk you through knowing more about this financial service as well as the guide on how to send money using Singtel Dash.

Singtel Dash also provides payment methods in more than 20,000 locations of retailers throughout Singapore, such as Watsons, Seven-Eleven, BreadTalk, FairPrice, Food Republic, and others. It also works as payment method for public transportation means like trains, buses, and taxis.

What is Singtel Dash?

The most popular feature of Singtel Dash is money remittance to 6 different countries in Asia, which are:

  • Myanmar
  • Philippines
  • Indonesia
  • China
  • India
  • Bangladesh

Each country has specific providers or banks that partnered with Singtel, so you may want to check them first. Either way, you are required to create a Singtel Dash account first before sending money.

How to Register a Singtel Dash Account?

You are able to register an account by visiting Singtel Dash branches in the nearest City Plaza or Lucky Plaza. The most practical way to sign up for Singtel Dash, however, is through your smartphone device.

  1. Download Singtel Dash application to your smartphone. (Google Play or App Store).
  2. Use your Singapore local number and perform the self-registration process.
  3. Submit your NRIC photo, S-Pass, Work Pass, or Work Permit photo.
  4. Submit your photo to confirm identity.
  5. To use remittance feature, you have to register again separately. Complete the registration process for money remittance by going to Send Money menu, then select Overseas, and then Register for Remittance.

Note: To register the money remittance feature, you’re also able to visit nearest Singtel Dash branch during work hours or visit Mobile Remittance Roadshows of Singtel Dash.

How to Send Money Using Singtel Dash

Here’s how to send money using Singtel Dash within Singapore using app:

  1. Choose the recipient of your money transfer. You may choose the recipient from the contact list or simply input their mobile phone number.
  2. Input the amount of transferred money and then confirm the action. Using the keypad, type in the amount of money you’d like to transfer and then hit the ‘Send’.

How to Remit Money Using Singtel Dash

Here’s how to remit money to other countries with your phone using Singtel Dash app:

  1. Make sure that you have downloaded Singtel Dash app, register for an account, and register to the remittance feature as explained on the prior section.
  2. Make sure you have enough amount of balance. You may top up your balance directly through the app or through the Singtel retailer, Singtel Shop, AXS machine, or Seven Eleven.
  3. Open the mobile app and then select the menu ‘Send Money’.
  4. Add the remittance recipient to the list by selecting the menu ‘Overseas’ and then the menu ‘Add A Recipient’.
  5. Open again the ‘Send Money’ menu, then choose ‘Overseas’ and choose ‘Beneficiary’.

It doesn’t matter what provider that you use the service of, Singtel Dash is available as all-in-one digital wallet for anyone in Singapore. As for the last reminder, remember than money remittance may charge you with fees and rates of exchange.