How to Transfer Money from PayLah to My Account

How to transfer money from PayLah to my account? This question must have ever popped up in your mind, for example when your bank account balance is running out and you have some decent amount of balance in your PayLah account.

Is it possible to withdraw the money from your PayLah to your bank account? If it is possible, what procedure should you take to get your money back?

What is PayLah

PayLah! is an e-wallet service made by DBS. This personal mobile wallet will enable its users to transact, either a fund transfer or bill payments through a mobile number. Some people may become confused to differentiate PayLah! from another similar e-wallet, called PayNow.

While PayLah is specifically made by DBS, PayNow is established by nine banks. Earlier in 2021, three non-bank institutions joined PayNow, too. Although DBS has already made PayLah, DBS is also joining to establish PayNow.

Just like other kinds of e-wallet, users can top up their PayLah! account. They can also enable Auto Debit service. This feature will be beneficial when you are stumbled upon PayLah! balance insufficiency.

With this feature, the required amount of money could be retrieved directly from your DBS bank account. So much convenient, isn’t it?

Now you may start to wonder, is it possible to withdraw the money you’ve exchanged as PayLah! balance? Fortunately, you can transfer the PayLah! balance back to your DBS bank account. It doesn’t even take more than five minutes to complete the whole process.

Transferring PayLah! Balance Back to My Account

Not only you who typed question in their search engine, asking ‘how to transfer money from PayLah to my account?’ It’s a good thing that you are here. Now you can get to know what it takes to withdraw PayLah! balance to your DBS account.

  1. First of all, log in to your PayLah! account simply by using Touch or Face ID feature. You can also enter your PayLah! password to proceed with the log in process.
  2. Beside your balance amount, you will find Manage. Simply tap on it and continue by tapping Send to account afterwards.
  3. Now, tell your PayLah! how much you wish to withdraw. Tap Next to finish your transaction.

Before doing the aforementioned procedure, make sure that:

You have linked your DBS bank account to your PayLah! account. Or, if you have another bank account (non POSB/DBS bank account), then it is the same as transferring funds. Therefore, you should this procedure below:

  1. Login to your PayLah! account, then tap Pay and input the amount you want to send.
  2. Simply choose your number as the recipient from the available contact list, or enter your contact number if you haven’t input your number as the PayLah! recipient.
  3. Tap Next to proceed with the transaction.
  4. Simply verify the transfer process and complete it by tapping Let’s go.

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So, that is some information to answer your confusion about ‘how to transfer money from PayLah to my account’. Retrieving your money back from PayLah! account is not tricky and difficult, right?