HSBC Bank Singapore SWIFT Code

Telegraphic transfer is a convenient and practical solution to transfer money to someone else in different country with an account under different banking company. The features to send and receive funds via this service are provided by HSBC Bank Singapore.

If you have HSBC banking account, then you can perform the transaction by visiting the bank’s branch office, via ATM machines, internet banking, or mobile banking. HSBC also offers relatively low fee and charge for international telegraphic transfer.

On the other side, if you want to send funds to someone with HSBC banking account, then you will need the recipient bank’s SWIFT code. What is it? SWIFT code is a series of characters that identifies the identity, country, and location of the bank or the bank’s branch offices.

It is also commonly referred as BIC (Bank Identifier Code). The code is used to make cross-border transfer transactions.

Similar to other institutions, the HSBC Bank Singapore SWIFT code also comprises of either eight or eleven characters. The SWIFT code of HSBC Bank Singapore is HSBCSGS2 (for headquarter office) or HSBCSGS2 (for branch office).

The code contains bank’s assigned name (HSBC), Singapore code as the country (SG), and location and active code (S2). You may find the complete SWIFT codes of HSBC Bank Singapore below.

Detailed information about SWIFT Code HSBCSGS2
Swift code (8 characters)HSBCSGS2
Branch nameHSBC Bank (Singapore) Limited
Branch address10 Marina Boulevard
Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 2 Level 48 Singapore 018983
Branch codeXXX
Bank nameHSBC Bank (Singapore) Limited
Bank CodeHSBC - code assigned to HSBC Bank (Singapore) Limited
Country CodeSG - code belongs to Singapore
Location CodeS2 - code represents the institution location
Code Status2 - 2 means active code
Branch Codenot assigned or XXX - code indicates this is a head office