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You may have heard that you will need SWIFT code in order to conduct a certain transaction, for example, sending funds to an international receiver. For example, if your payee is an account holder of Maybank Singapore, then you will need Maybank Singapore SWIFT code to send your money fast and delivered properly.

It is a common international fund transferring rule especially if the fund is transferred through wire or SEPA transfer.

Wondering what is the SWIFT code for Maybank Singapore? The SWIFT code for Maybank Singapore is MBBESGS2XXX. SWIFT codes are generally made by combining 8-11 letters, sometimes combined with numbers as well. One bank may have several SWIFT codes; each will represent the branch.

So, the code aforementioned is not the only one and you need to know the right code before transferring your fund to a receiver.

The code is not made randomly. The first four letters represent the bank’s name itself (MBBE). The next two letters will show you where the bank is located, often these letters will show you the country name only (SG).

Another two-letter code acts to represent the branch code (2X). Sometimes the code is even longer that it reaches 11 digits. When it occurs, the last three digits are often the branch code, made more detailed and specific. Some banks may just dismiss it, or write it as XXX as shown above.

The complete SWIFT code list of Maybank Singapore will be shown below.

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Detailed information about SWIFT Code MBBESGSGDetailed information about SWIFT Code MBBESGS2
Swift code (8 characters)MBBESGSGMBBESGS2
Branch nameMalayan Banking Berhad BranchMalayan Banking Berhad Limited
Branch addressAMK
710A Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8, #01-2627
Singapore 561710
Maybank Tower, 2 Battery Road, Singapore 049907
Branch codeXXXXXX
Bank nameMalayan Banking Berhad BranchMalayan Banking Berhad Limited
SWIFT Code MBBESGSG BreakdownSWIFT Code MBBESGS2 Breakdown
Bank CodeMBBE - code assigned to Malayan Banking Berhad BranchMBBE - code assigned to Malayan Banking Berhad Limited
Country CodeSG - code belongs to SingaporeSG - code belongs to Singapore
Location CodeSG - code represents the institution locationS2 - code represents the institution location
Code StatusG - G means active code2 - 2 means active code
Branch Codenot assigned or XXX - code indicates this is a head officenot assigned or XXX - code indicates this is a head office
Bank Code96367302