CIMB Bank Singapore SWIFT Code

CIMB Bank Singapore offers a range of money remittance instruments to allow its customers send or receive funds from overseas through telegraphic transfer service....
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UOB Singapore SWIFT Code

SWIFT code is consisted of either 8 or 11 characters. If you use 8-digit code, then it means you’re performing international transaction to the...
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Hong Leong Bank Singapore SWIFT Code

Sending funds by using SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) mechanism is amongst the fastest way you can perform telegraphic transfer. The service...
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OCBC Singapore SWIFT Code

SWIFT code, also typically referred as BIC code, is a code with standardized format. It is used to specify a bank or its branch....
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Standard Chartered Bank Singapore SWIFT Code

SWIFT code or BIC code offers information about the particular bank where your funds are supposed to be transferred. Providing the right code will...
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Maybank Singapore SWIFT Code

You may have heard that you will need SWIFT code in order to conduct a certain transaction, for example, sending funds to an international...
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Bank of America Singapore SWIFT Code

International fund transfer may be tricky for some as they need a certain code, namely SWIFT code, to be carried out, especially if you...
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Bank of China Singapore SWIFT Code

Ever wondering what kind of code a SWIFT code is? SWIFT code is that code required performing international bank transfers. The SWIFT code is...
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Bank of East Asia Singapore SWIFT Code

A SWIFT code or also known as a SWIFT number is a set of unique characters used to globally identify banks and financial companies....
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