JPMorgan Chase Bank Singapore Branch SWIFT Code

International funds transfer is definitely on the rise these days. One factor that contributes to the rise is the major development of e-commerce. You may fine international fund transferring is highly increasing because of many workers working abroad and have to transfer what they earn to their family living far from the place where they work.

International bank transfer is where branch code and SWIFT code comes to use. If you want to send funds to JPMorgan Chase Bank Singapore bank account, then knowing JPMorgan Chase Bank Singapore Branch code and SWIFT Code is important.

What is SWIFT Code and What is Its Use?

For international transfer, SWIFT code is something very familiar to use. You may be asked the recipient’s bank SWIFT code since this will make sure for the money to be sent securely. Plus, this will make the transfer to be more accurate using wire transfer or SEPA payments. Hence, chance to get the wrong account number can be minimized significantly.

Where Can I Find SWIFT Code?

To find SWIFT code, usually your bank account statement has the information for you. You can also get the SWIFT code by finding it online on SWIFT code finder.

What is the Format of SWIFT Code?

A SWIFT code is generally made with 8-11 digits sequence. Let’s take an example of this code: AAAABBCC222. What does this SWIFT code mean?

  1. First, take a look at the frontmost four digit sequence (AAAA). These four digits represent the bank code.
  2. Then, the next two code (BB) take space for country code.
  3. Location code is represented with two digits as in CC.
  4. The rest (222) is the branch code.

This system is accepted worldwide and that also applies for JPMorgan Chase Bank Singapore branch code and SWIFT code. Keep in mind that branch code is different from one branch to another.

JPMorgan Chase Bank SWIFT and Branch Code

It has been mentioned earlier that you will need a SWIFT code in order to proceed with the international wire payments. The recipient’s SWIFT code is used to ‘navigate and locate’ the transfer more accurately.

JPMorgan Chase Bank Singapore has several SWIFT codes. The bank’s SWIFT code and the branch name will be mentioned below.

Branch nameSWIFT Code
JPMorgan Chase Bank Singapore (FX Trader Support, Singapore)CHASSGSGTRO
JPMorgan Chase Bank Singapore (Private Banking Department)CHASSGSGPBI
JPMorgan Chase Bank Singapore (Test Key and BKE Administration)CHASSGSGKEY
JPMorgan Chase Bank SingaporeCHASSGSG
JPMorgan Chase Bank SingaporeCHASSGSP

JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A Branch Code List

Branch CodeBranch Name
001Main Branch
002Orchard Road
004Visa Creditcard

JPMorgan Chase bank code is 7153

While trying to find what the SWIFT Code of JPMorgan Chase Bank Singapore is, you may stumble upon articles mentioning about BIC code. What is this code and what is its use?

A BIC code, which stands for Bank Identifier Code, is the same with SWIFT code. BIC code is also the same 8-11 digits sequence of letters used like a postal code (ZIP code). This function is to ensure that the money is sent to the right place.

So, that is some explanation about what JPMorgan Chase Bank Singapore branch code and SWIFT code is. Remember, as this is an important information required for international wire transfer, you need to take note of this bank SWIFT code anytime you plan to make an international remittance.