UCO Bank Branches in Singapore

The presence of UCO (United Commercial Bank) in Singapore is part of the bank’s go-international ambition. The bank itself, founded in 1943, is a commercial bank with a huge basis of customers in its origin country, India.

The international presence has been going long for more than 65 years with two main branches located in Singapore and Hong Kong.

UCO Bank branches in Singapore operations started at 1951. With those total years of experience, it is no wonder that this bank offers various banking services to become the most trusted and sought-after financial institution. Along with that, the bank puts an emphasis on providing excellency in customer services through various forms of services.

Similar to the services offered in its innate country, UCO Bank branches in Singapore offers you various services as well. The bank offers services which will be mentioned as follows:

  • Personal banking, which comes in the form of personal saving account. There are various types of saving account offered by the bank. You may also get fixed deposit service on this bank.
  • Deposit lockers with reasonable charges are ready to save your valuable belonging. Also, you may choose your much-needed size, ranging from 4”x8” and up to the largest one – which is 16”x16” per locker.
  • Foreign currency loans
  • Remittance; the bank offers prompt outward and inward foreign remittance facilities at competitive rates.
  • Trade finance; which comes as finance services for both importers and exporters.
  • Credit facilities, such as project finance, term loan, syndication loan, overdraft facilities, etc.

With various services being offered and long years of experience, you can expect excellence of service from this bank. Hence, you can expect a professional attitude from this one of the largest banks in India.

UCO Bank Branches in Singapore

To get a direct explanation about the bank’s various services; you may come and directly ask about the services provided. Listed below are the addresses of UCO Bank branches in Singapore.

Branch NameOpening Hours
Singapore Centre
Singapore Operations #04-01 Bharat
building 3 Raffles Place Singapore
Telp: 65325054
Hours 9.30 AM to 4.00 PM
Main Branch Singapore
Bharat Building 3 Raffles
place Singapore 048617
Telp: 65350676
Hours 9.30 AM to 4.00 PM
Serangoon Road Branch Singapore
84 & 86 Serangoon Road Singapore 217989
Telp: 62961464
Hours 9.30 AM to 4.00 PM