How to Pay Zakat Online in Singapore

Zakat administration in Singapore is managed by Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS) also commonly referred as Islamic Religious Council of Singapore. It was an organization that was established according to the Administration of Muslim Law Act (AMLA) in 1968. MUIS provides advises to Singaporean President under AMLA on Islam-related matter, so it’s safe to say the body has role in various interests of Muslim community in Singapore.

Beside the Zakat administration, MUIS also manage other principal functions such as Halal certifications, pilgrimage affairs, Wakaf, and even other Muslim-related socio-religious activities in Singapore.

MUIS accepts, and even encourage the act of online zakat payments via various payment methods. Read how to pay zakat online Singapore through different means below to fulfill your obligation and support the strength of Singapore Muslim community.

How to Pay Zakat Online Via PayNow in Singapore

Here are the steps to contribute Zakat via online by using PayNow:

  1. Sign into the mobile banking application of your bank.
  2. Choose the menu ‘Scan and Pay’. Alternatively, choose the menu ‘Pay and Transfer’ or ‘Transfer Fund’.
  3. Select the option PayNow via UEN.
  4. In the field for UEN, type in the code ‘T08GB0028LZKT’.
  5. In the field for ‘Reference/Billing Number‘, type in your mobile phone number.
  6. Confirm to perform transaction to ‘Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura‘.
  7. Complete all the required steps to make the zakat transaction.
  8. Capture and save the transaction proof to document it.
  9. Use the transaction proof to request the official zakat receipt to the and to receive auto-inclusion from IRAS tax.

Pay Zakat Online Via DBS/POSB iBanking

Here are the steps to contribute Zakat via online by using iBanking or digibank mobile application for DBS/POSB users:

  1. Visit the official DSB/POSB iBanking site at
  2. Perform signing in process using your login credentials.
  3. Go to the ‘Pay’ menu, and then choose ‘Pay Bills’ options.
  4. Go to the ‘Select Payment Option’ menu, and then click on the ‘Billing Organization’ option.
  5. Choose the option ‘MUIS ZAKAT-IRAS AUTO-INCLUSION’ to make contribution of zakat and being approved as the item of tax deductible from your income tax. If you wish to not to, choose the option ‘MUIS ZAKAT-NO IRAS AUTO-INCL’.
  6. Type in your number of NRIC/FIN in the Bill Reference Number field.
  7. Choose your bank account and then input the amount of your zakat contribution.
  8. Press the menu of ‘Next’ and then follow the rest of steps instructed to complete the process.

Pay Zakat Online Via CIMB Clicks Internet Banking

The owners of CIMB StarSaver-i account are now able to contribute Zakat by using the feature. Here’s how to pay zakat online Singapore via CIMB iBanking:

  1. Sign into your CIMB iBanking account at
  2. Perform the process of contributing Zakat on the page.

Pay Zakat MUIS Online

  1. Visit the official MUIS site at
  2. Choose Service Zakat, click Pay Today. Pay Zakat MUIS Online
  3. Type your Personal Particulars. Such as First Name, Last Name, NRIC, Mobile No, Email, and Address.
  4. Click on Types (Savings/CPF/Shares/Business/Gold/Insurance). In the field for Amount type your total income and select source of income (Employment, Trade, Divident, Rental or Other).
  5. Clik Proceed to Summary.
  6. Follow the next instructions until the payment process is complete.

MUIS also provides assistance of Zakat to Muslim citizens and permanent residents of Singapore. Your contribution will be used to help people in the bottom of 5% of average earned income nationwide.