How to Get UOB Bank Statement

Sometimes, we are curious about the fees and charges subjected to our bank account. Is the bank asking for too much than you are depositing to the account? Well, there is one way to know about it: getting a bank statement.

With this, besides you will be able to know how much your bank charges for saving your money there, you’ll also know how much you saved, withdrew, transferred, etc. for your credit card, debit card, or even ATM.

How to Get UOB Bank Statement

Talking about the procedure of how to get UOB Bank statement, there are two different ways of getting the bank statement.

First, get it directly from the nearest bank branch, or get the statement online. Either way is super easy to do, yet there are different terms and conditions that you should comply.

1. Getting The Bank Statement Directly From The Bank

If you have some spare time and energy to travel to the nearest bank branch, you can walk your way to the nearest bank branch. Queue for the customer service officer then tell your intention to print the bank statement.

You should also tell the officer the period of bank statement that you want to print. This said, you can print one-month, two-month, or even one-year bank statement. In order to do that, showing your passbook (for saving account) is compulsory. Plus, don’t be surprised if the officer will ask you to pay some bucks as printing fee. This is a common occurrence.

2. Getting Your Bank Statement Online

Too lazy to dress up and walk some distances to the nearest bank? Don’t worry. As long as you’ve registered to internet banking services, you can get your bank statement online. With this online statement, you don’t have to pay the printing fees as the statement file is in digital form.

Get UOB Bank Statement via UOB Internet Banking

This other way of getting UOB Bank statement can be done following this procedure below:

  1. First, make sure that you are registered to the UOB personal internet banking services.
  2. Applying for this can be done online or simply by visiting the branch.
  3. You will obtain a valid username and password to access your account then.
  4. If you already have your username and password, simply access the UOB internet banking portal and enter this login information.
  5. Simply click Login afterwards.How to Get UOB Bank Statement
  6. Then, on your internet banking page or mobile banking app, find Account services. How to Get UOB Bank Statement Online
  7. Activate the tab by clicking it.
  8. Go to Manage eStatement/eAdvice.How to Get UOB Bank Statement Online Payment
  9. There will be a small tick box titled as Subscribe. How to Get UOB Bank Statement Online Payee
  10. If you wish to subscribe to this kind of bank statement, you can tick it.
  11. Then, specify which way you want your statement to be sent.
  12. The choices will be email or mobile.How to Get UOB Bank Statement Online Pay
  13. Save the change.

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There are several things you should remember regarding this online statement subscribing thing:

  1. First, you will not get the statement as soon as you subscribe.
  2. The statement will be sent to you at the first date of the next billing cycle.
  3. Whichever your kind of card is: credit card, debit card, or ATM card, you can subscribe to this e-Statement.
  4. To get your statement you only need to login to your internet banking account and retrieve it from there.

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Well, that sums up the information of how to get UOB Bank statement. Which one do you prefer dealing with papery statement, or going paperless with digital bank statement?