How to Contact UOB Bank

Contacting a bank is not something difficult to do. This is because each bank has its own channels on which the customers can reach them out either for getting the answer for their inquiries, asking for a solution towards a specific problem, changing account settings, reporting stolen cards, or mailing some critics and suggestions regarding the banking services.

That applies too for UOB Bank customers. The bank is powered by strong front line of customer service which can be reachable easily from anywhere around the country. You can as well reach the bank’s customer service from abroad by calling a specific number or sending your inquiries via electronic mails.

If you are wondering how to contact UOB Bank, you can actually go to the bank’s official website and find the link written as Contact us. There, various numbers of hotlines are shown regarding to your needs. Some of the list is shown below.

UOB Bank Individual Hotline

Individual banking hotlines:

  1. For general inquiries regarding banking, CashPlus, and credit cards, you may call 1800-222-2121.
  2. Property loans hotline is at 1800-388-2121. An enquiry form is available as well on the website. For this service, you may only reach the bank’s hotline from 8AM-8PM each day.
  3. Privilege banking and reserve can be reached by hotline-calls and filing an enquiry form. The hotline number is 1800-222-9889.
  4. For both investment and insurance enquiries, the only way to contact the bank is by sending them your enquiry form. The link is enclosed on their official website. Aside from sending the form, another method is to directly visit the bank itself and ask for the customer service to help.
  5. Wealth banking hotline is at 1800-222-1881. If you wish to reach the customer service in a written form, an enquiry form link is found on the website hence you can fill it out and directly send it.

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UOB Bank for Commercial and Institutional Banking

For commercial and institutional banking services

  1. For business banking, the hotline number is at +65-6259-8188. This number can be reached either from inside the country and from abroad. Note that the hotline is active from Monday-Saturday, for 8:00 AM-8:00 PM.
  2. UOB contact center for corporate customers is 1800-226-6121.
  3. Regarding business internet banking and COE Open Bidding enquiries, you can call 1800-226-6121.
  4. Meanwhile, for remittance enquiries, call +65-6892-1111.
  5. The hotline number which is open for import and export bill enquiries is +65-6878-0707.

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Aside from calling the hotlines and contact center, mailing your concerns and enquiries can also be done by writing to the bank’s headquarter:

Robinson Road, PO Box 1688, Singapore 903338

Attn: UOB Contact Centre/Service Quality Department

With all of the aforementioned hotlines and address, the bank will try to provide the quickest response towards your questions. Generally, you will get your answer within three business days this applies for enquiries sent via form. It may take longer if you write your questions through a letter.

If you need a quick response, it’s considerable to call the number shown on the procedure of how to contact UOB Bank above (find one which relates to your inquiry). Or, simply go to the nearest bank branch to get a help from the customer service officer directly. For a more tech-savvy method, reaching out via the bank’s social media is also doable.